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Illustration Friday – Repair

Illustration Friday - Repair

Trying a different style on the coloring today… Thoughts?

How to Repair a Broken Heart

Oh, and don’t miss the cool halloween cocktails I posted earlier today :)

Halloween Cocktails – Creepy Bubble Fun!

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Last week I was sitting around trying to think of something different to do for halloween, and the idea came to me. Something that would look particularly creepy, and be unusual… Can you guess the secret ingredient? [ KEEP READING ]Ever had Bubble Tea? It’s made with large tapioca pearls, and has a really interesting look.

Some Pumpkins from the Pumpkin Carving Party

Some Pumpkins from the Pumpkin Carving Party

[ KEEP READING ]My dear friend Grieg traditionally has his Pumpkin Carving Party the weekend before my halloween party every year. It’s always a good time, and this year was no exception. It’s a great idea for a party– BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin), tiki torches and a firepit for ambiance, tons of yummy food and beer, and an array of carving implements.

Fabulous Reverse Applique Eye T-shirts


Creative Kismet (who we featured earlier with her Monster Towel), has another fabulous design! She used a reverse applique technique to create these incredibly creative and fun “Eye” T-shirts. And they even have a requisite Eye on the back, too! She has full instructions on her blog… [ KEEP READING ], so check it out!

Creepy Houseplants, and H'ween Roundup

Creepy Houseplants, and H'ween Roundup

It’s so cold and icky and rainy here today, I’m having trouble getting motivated! I twitted this fabulous houseplant idea (from Bitter Betty) the other day, but now I’m finally getting around to posting it. So fabulous! Click through… [ KEEP READING ], because she also has a great “Rest in Peace Lily” with an eyeball.

Interview: Dave Gugel, Halloween decorator extraordinaire!

Interview: Dave Gugel, Halloween decorator extraordinaire!

I don’t normally do interviews of our Halloween Contest entries, but when I saw this entry, I just had to find out more! Talk about inspiration! Dave Gugel… [ KEEP READING ], of Davenport FL, has one of the most impressive Halloween decorated houses I’ve seen in a long time. Just check out the BEFORE/AFTER pic below.