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April Fools Food!

April Fools Food!

Dinner on April Fools Day (can you believe it’s almost April 1st?) calls for making something unusual, right?  Maybe a bit tricksy.   Here are a few ideas, both sweet and savory, with an April Fool’s Day twist.

Nothing is what it seems…
Top: Sushi? – I made this last year for an April Fool party, and again at halloween (instructions)
Middle: A cupcake?
Eggs and Toast?
Bottom: Veggies and Fish Sticks? [ KEEP READING ]

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How to throw a White Elephant Party

How to throw a White Elephant Party

Update: We had a homemade eggnog tasting at the party, and it was fun and yummy! I documented How to Make Eggnog here. Also, a few pics from the party are here!

After my big Halloween Parties, my next favorite party to throw is a White Elephant gift exchange party. I do one every year in mid december for our close friends, and if you’ve never done one, they are a lot of fun.… [ KEEP READING ]

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Inspiration sunday… from the Dabbled flickr pool

Inspiration sunday... from the Dabbled flickr pool

Here are some love inspirations from the Dabbled flickr group. If you’re on flickr, be sure to add your artsy-craftsy-foodsy goodness to the pool.

PS: Nope, haven’t moved yet. Had a little glitch on friday and a busy weekend. So I’ll try again on monday.

1. Happiness Mandala Pendant, 2. Veggie Basket, 3. hood08, 4. Save the TA-TAs!, 5. stephen, 6. Bird prototype

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one of those random posts..

So, today I took the dog to the groomer, and cleaned out my closet (no, I haven’t finished yet). And didn’t really touch the computer until now. So a triumph to not being a slave to technology, but no real progress to report on anything you guys might care about. I did start stitching up some (late) birthday and baby presents but that doesn’t really count as craftiness.

Oh, and we are planning to hit Australia next month.… [ KEEP READING ]

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Dabbled Food and Drink: Recipes, Ideas, and How-To's

Dabbled Food and Drink: Recipes, Ideas, and How-To's

Dabbled is always experimenting in the kitchen… Check out some past food & drink recipes!

You’ll find cookies, cakes, drinks, candies, and meals, just browse around!
Much is documented as Photo-recipes, too!.

Also, Dot is a part of Foodwhirl – the blog answering the eternal question of “What’s For Dinner?”!

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A preview of the new Dabbled header I'm working on

A preview of the new Dabbled header I'm working on

As part of moving Dabbled, I designed a new header for the site.
What do you think?
Click through to see it full size.

You’ll notice my 3 favorite things to draw are in appearance here: Robots, Cephalopods, and Monsters!

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