The Skylanders Party Highlights: The Invitation! (free printable)

Kaos Skylanders Party Invitation (printable)
  Continuing the highlights from yesterday’s Skylander’s Cake, I just realized I never posted the invitation to the Skylanders Party.  I wanted to do something a little different, and most of the invites I’d seen in my travels around the web were just repurposed graphics of a selections of popular skylanders.  And while cute, I figured why not give the Bad Guy a starring role in the invitations?  So here is Kaos, inviting the Skylanders to come to a party.  And really, he promises it’s not a trap. So, if you’d like to use this yourself, here’s a free download, because Dot is just all kinds of sweet that way!  … [ KEEP READING ]

Dr. Who Birthday Party Invitation (downloadable template, too!)

Dr. Who dalek birthday party invitation
For The Boy’s 7th birthday party, we’re doing a Dr. Who theme… My little anglophile is a big fan of the recent version of the series.  So I needed to design an invitation.  I ran out of time to do printed invites, so this is just going out by email, with a little extra explanatory text.  The “Celebrating” Dalek is quite cute, but I couldn’t resist adding the Tardis Blue envelope from the Impossible Astronaut episode, as well. [For those who asked, yes the Dr. Who cake will be coming next week, I’ll be doing a how-to, like the Angry Birds cupcakes, Dragon Cake,  Perry the Platypus Cake, and Clone Trooper cupcakes of years past.] I got the coordinates of the location from Google Maps (using these instructions) – but to avoid stalkers, I did change the coordinates in this image!… [ KEEP READING ]

Super Punch Tarot Show

Super Punch Tarot Show
The show for the Super Punch Tarot cards is coming up – and I’m excited to have a piece in it! The Super Punch Tarot
On exhibit: March 5 – April 23, 2011 If you’re in South Florida, be sure to stop by and check it out! This is the piece that I have in the show Curated by Super Punch‘s John Struan! Artwork by an international group of super punchy artists:
Aaron Miller; Adam Koford; Bethalynne Bajema; Brent Engstrom; Brent Nolasco; Brigid Ashwood; Britt Wilson; Casey Weldon; Chris Booker; Daniel Davis; Dave Perillo; Dean Reeves; Eliza Gauger; Eric Orchard; Eric Wirjanata; Franco Brambilla; Geoff Trapp; Heather Hudson; J.Shea; Jason Chalker; Jerrod Maruyama; Joseph Game; Kat Brunnegraff; Katy Hargrove; Ken Turner; M.… [ KEEP READING ]

The Crafty Octopus

Another in the series from yesterday… A re-run for those of you on Twitter who saw it yesterday, but maybe I’ll get another one out for you today, I’m really liking this look! (see the flickr set)

Nancy’s art featured in the Museum of Science

I mentioned this was coming several months ago, but it’s finally up!  The Robot World 1.0 series of watercolors is now on display in Cahners Computer Place in the M0S in Boston.  I haven’t seen it yet, but here’s some pictures. These are the watercolors featured:  RobotWorld 1.0 According to Dan Noren, the Director of Cahners Computer Place:
The gallery is at the main entrance to Cahners ComputerPlace, and is visible from the three Theater of Electricity viewing areas.

Illustration Friday: they threw caution to the wind…

… and just went romping through the tulips! Someone asked for this a long time ago (back when I posted the Alice in the Rose Garden & Wizard of Oz Poppies pics)… and I finally got around to doing it. And no, I haven’t finished the robot sketch from last week…. Will post when I do!