Make a Hogwarts scarf out of old sweatshirts (Harry Potter, Halloween)

Slytherin Scarf tutorial - harry potter
This is part 3, we’ve already covered how to make a death eater mask, and how to make a hogwarts robe out of a t-shirt! For the boy’s Death Eater costume, he really didn’t want any Slytherin gear, as he said (and rightly) that Draco Malfoy skulking around as a Death Eater would not be wearing his Slytherin scarf.  But since a death eater doesn’t really look like anything other than a creepy guy in a mask without something to indicate Harry Potter-ness, I talked him into the scarf, so Draco could go incognito. So here’s the quick tutorial on making the Slytherin scarf. … [ KEEP READING ]

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