Get Creative with The Lorax: The Truffula Tree-Shirt!

I’ve always adored The Lorax, it was probably my favorite Dr. Suess book when I was little.  And what really captured my imagination as a kid were those fabulous Truffula Trees, looking like cotton candy on a stick! So when I was invited to participate in the blog tour in promotion of the new movie coming out (in theaters March 2nd. Visit the official site for the movie preview, pictures, downloads and more!) I couldn’t resist doing a project featuring those wonderful trees. The Truffula Tree-Shirt! This is a simple “Freezer Paper Stencil” project. Just print out the stencil I’m providing, and follow the directions below.… [ KEEP READING ]

How to: B&W wood photo ornaments and keepsake gift tags!

I recently did a guest post on the FedEx Out of Office blog, with a tutorial on making personalized wooden ornaments and gift tags from photocopies of your photos and drawings. It’s pretty cool, go check it out: Personalized Black & White Wood Ornaments for all the step by steps. It’s a really neat technique that just uses acrylic gel medium from the art store– no toxic chemicals or anything like that.  The toner from the photocopy remains on the wood, so the white areas of your photo become wood colored, which is a really nice natural effect.   I’m planning on make a bunch using some wood veneer cards to use as keepsake gift tags for gifts this year.… [ KEEP READING ]

BRAAAAINS! Conehead Zombie… PvZ costume

kids conehead zombie costume from plants vs zombies
The Cutest Little Conehead Zombie: I promised you guys a second costume for The Boy’s halloween (you’ll remember he’s also doing Draco Malfoy, Death Eater), and here it is! He’s a big fan of the Plants Vs. Zombies video game, and insisted on being a Conehead Zombie. We also considered buckethead, but we had the cone, so that sealed the deal. This is easy to put together, and tons of fun. I think this would be a great group costume idea – everyone picking different zombies to play Tutorial:
I’ve written an Instructable up, if you want to go make your own. [ KEEP READING ]

Make a Hogwarts scarf out of old sweatshirts (Harry Potter, Halloween)

Slytherin Scarf tutorial - harry potter
This is part 3, we’ve already covered how to make a death eater mask, and how to make a hogwarts robe out of a t-shirt! For the boy’s Death Eater costume, he really didn’t want any Slytherin gear, as he said (and rightly) that Draco Malfoy skulking around as a Death Eater would not be wearing his Slytherin scarf.  But since a death eater doesn’t really look like anything other than a creepy guy in a mask without something to indicate Harry Potter-ness, I talked him into the scarf, so Draco could go incognito. So here’s the quick tutorial on making the Slytherin scarf. … [ KEEP READING ]

How to Make a kids Harry Potter robe out of Tshirts

how to make a hogwarts robe easy
For The Boy’s Draco Malfoy costume, I had a brainstorm one night when he was using a XL men’s tshirt as a sleep shirt.  It was the perfect size for a wizard robe for a 6 year old. This version is meant to be a Death Eater robe (I took the liberty of having it double as Draco’s school robe as well).  This could of course work for a wide variety of hooded robes, including Jedi robes! So I grabbed it, and a couple more old t-shirts and with my handy dandy sewing machine, I stitched this up.  Note, I am not a seamstress. … [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Costume: Draco Malfoy, The Littlest Death Eater!

So, The Boy is somehow getting 2 halloween costumes this year.  He’s a big Harry Potter fan, so his first costume is Draco Malfoy, Death Eater. He’s only on book 6, but he has some Legos that have Draco Malfoy in Death Eater garb, so he’s latched on to this idea. So, for his totally homemade/upcycled costume, we have:
  • A robe, made from several old t-shirts.
  • A Slytherin scarf, made from old sweatshirts.
  • A death eater mask, made from a dollar store skeleton mask.
  • A broomstick, made by Dad from an old broom with a custom handle
  • A wand, which is actually a very large chopstick my parents brought back from their travels somewhere.