Halloween Costumes, part 3 – Homemade Kids Costumes (plus more links)

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Homemade Kids Costume flick GalleryA third flickr Gallery for your inspiration… this time featuring some cool/cute and homemade kids costumes. ( See Part 1 and Part 2)
I’m from the old school that likes to make rather than buy costumes. And I totally remember being “Dracula” with a red towel for a cape!

Some of these are totally doable by amateurs… Others might require some actual sewing skills… but hopefully this gallery (18 photos) will send some inspiration your way.

From animals (adorable bird, silly shark, cute bunny, and more) to pop culture (Darth Vader, Oompa Loompa, Mario, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, etc) to classic (lovely witch and mermaid) to nature (pretty tulle pumpkin, fun flowers), to just plain fun (like the gnome or the garbage pail boy or samarai)… these are all great ideas for your halloween dressup fun!


Other cool homemade costume ideas, not in the gallery above:

Photos at Top:

1.Halloween Costume 1, 2. Samurai Suzumi Bachi, 3. Pumpkin Halloween Costume – Dress Tutu, 4. choppers

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    cute costumes!

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    I appreciate the homemade or handmade Halloween costumes. I think those costumes are made with love and affection. So I love those one.