Free Christmas gift tag

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Hi there, fellow crafty bloggers!
No, this isn’t Dot writing, it’s Fanie from Art vs!

While she’s away, I managed to sneak into her blog and give you a freebie! ;-)
Since we’re all busy shopping around, I guessed some of us could use some extra tags for presents. So I made a cute cat Christmas gift tag for you!

I made this easy, all you have to do is to click on the image or click here to start the download.
It’s a A4 letter size, in PDF format, with 6 Christmas tags on them.

Happy Holidays! :-)
If you liked this freebie, feel free to let me know via the comments on my blog.

(If you can’t download it, you may want to go to the Adobe Reader website to get the free software download.)

Free Christmas gift tagFree Christmas gift tag
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  • Dot [] :

    Thanks Fanie! That kitty has great personality!

  • ArtvsCraft [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @DotatDabbled: New @ Dabbled: Free Christmas tag: It's a free christmas tag I made for the blog. :-)

  • SisterDiane [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @artvscraft: Free Christmas tag: It's a free christmas tag I made for the blog. :-)

  • Marie Irshad [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @SisterDiane: RT @artvscraft: Free Christmas tag: It's a free christmas tag I made for the blog. :-)

  • Joanne [] :

    That IS a super cute kitty!

  • Silvia [] :

    Thanks for this freebie!! It’s a very nice tag!

  • Fanie [] (author) :

    Yay! I’m glad you all like it! ^-^

  • Rachel [] :

    AWW kitty! I love this! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  • Melissa [] :

    So cute! My daughter will love these on her gifts. Thank you!

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