Friday Giveaway Fun – Win a Canvas Print!

[29 May 2009 | By | 11 Comment(s) | 2,210 views ]

If you missed the last giveaway, here is a really cool one from Online Poster Printing…win a 16×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print! There’s so much you could do with this… With Father’s Day coming up, what about using it to do a photo of all the kids for Daddy to hang on the wall? Or, how about a big canvas print of your favorite piece of artwork?

To Enter:
Sorry, this contest is over!! Congrats to Joanne, our winner!

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  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh yeah!!! this would be very cool indeed!!! I am in…

    Thanks Dot !!!


  • Joanne [] :

    Fun! While I’ve been married almost a year and own all the digital images from my wedding – I’ve yet to get any large prints made to display in our home. This would be a great start!

  • Bezen Hindistan [] :

    I want to print cute animals for my daughter’s room

  • craftandart [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Dabbled – Art/Craft/Food: Friday Giveaway Fun – Win a Canvas Print!

  • Kris [] :

    Last year, a friend went on vacation to Canada and took gorgeous photos that fuel my daydreams of rocky beaches and calm blue water. I’d love a canvas print of one of her images.

  • Lindsey [] :

    My friend! Can I still enter if I won the last one? (Which I can’t wait to cash in on…my cousin is designing something for me to print on those 500 postcards).

    Even if I can’t, I’ll share what I’d print: one of my paintings, of course! I’ve had lots of interest in my pumpkins, so I think I’d have to do that one.

  • j.udy designs [] :

    Not related to your comp, altho it does sound exciting, I have found these little robot’s when searching the web and I thought they looked just like your robot’s so thought I would share the link:)

    Hope you like!

  • Alison [] :

    This is so neat! I just got married a month ago and this would be a fabulous way to display a wedding photo!

  • Sandra [] :

    What a fun idea! I love those canvas prints. I would print one of the photos I took at the beach last year. That way I can pretend to be at the beach all year long :)

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  • J Hill [] :

    What a great idea. To win a canvas print