Friday Link Day

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I’m behind on everything this week… I have a few sketches, but nothing finished yet… maybe this morning will prove productive! So I’m forcing myself off the computer for the rest of the day! (Well, unless it’s art related, like photoshop)

But I love you guys, so here’s a few goodies before I go…

How to Disassemble a Lobster (and make Lobster Newberg) at one of my newly followed sites, Omnomicon.

I really enjoyed this article – Some great advice on how to have a successful blog at one of my fave sites for weirdness, Superpunch.

Another new find, Dudecraft, has tons of interesting links… Like this Mac Hamster Cage, card catalog balls, and these cool cut dollar bills

Finally, aclever USB drive at Swissmiss

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Oh, and here’s stuff you may have missed on Dabbled from earlier this week:
Photography – Photos of the Boy on Snow Day and a few tips
Another Cool Links Post
Faux Foods – A collection of images
Picture Tutorial – How to make Candied Citrus Peel in the Microwave!

If your work is featured here, be sure to grab a Featured on Dabbled Button!

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  • Craftpassion [] :

    Hi Dot, samething happened here. I can understand your frustration.

  • John [] :

    Ahem, “awesomeness!”