Illustration Friday – "Fierce"

[27 Jun 2008 | By | 13 Comment(s) | 2,723 views ]

A request to my dear readers — do you think any of these are portfolio worthy? I have such a blind spot for my own work. Any honest advice appreciated!

This is a quick coloring job of a concept sketch i did for a new project. The line work is rough, but I think they are cute anyway :). Check out the new Dabbled contest – summer doldrums!
These guys try very hard to be fierce!


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13 Comment(s) »

  • Roberta [] :

    Cute little creatures aren’t they!!

  • NANCY LEFKO [] :

    what a cute bunch !!

  • Cheryl [] :

    Peeps take a ride on the wild side! Very fun.

  • Reg [] :

    lol, i love the little guy that fell over– top right :D trying to be fierce must’ve worn him out!

  • ValGalArt [] :

    i love these little dudes and chicks they are fierce!!!

  • Tracy [] :

    These are some fierce little guys! :) Love ’em!

  • Asja [] :

    these little ones are so cute!

  • bookbabie [] :

    Fun illo with wonderful perspective:)

  • Meridth Gimbel [] :

    This totally cracks me up. Very creative. (ps. Sorry about the dog bite… that doesn’t sound fun at all.)

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    Very fun!

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    These are sweet! I love the colours you’ve used. ;-)

  • Teri C [] :

    I love this. So cute and creative!

  • atomicvelvetsigh [] :

    haa! those naughty little err.. unhatched chicks(?) lol..

    thanks for sharing this.. it made me smile.. 8)