A new watercolor – "Hang Time"

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This was hanging out in my head based on the IF prompt “Time”. And I’m happy to say it came out pretty similar to what I envisioned. I’ve got a few more in my head to get out too, we’ll see what happens!

Latest Watercolor - "Hangtime"
copywrite nancy dorsner 2009
Pencil, watercolor, & ink

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  • Fadas & C.ª [] :

    Love the little one – it’s really cute!

  • Nahellenia [] :

    What an interesting pair. A curious clock and his ‘hand-holding helper’. I think it’s a pretty illusration.

  • Tomás Serrano [] :

    Yes, it is a very cool idea, and beautifully done.

  • Amy C [] :

    totally cute, cool and fun, I love the different expressions on both of their faces

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    Oh, this is great! The little red guy reminds me of Harold Lloyd hanging off that giant clock in his silent film. Know what I’m talking about? And I love how you didn’t align the big guy’s wheels. Must be a fun place inside your head! :D

  • flower girl [] :

    Very cute!love this :)

  • Dot [] :

    thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    You mean this one, Bella? heh, it is similar!

  • Michael O'Connell [] :

    fun work… your watercolors are amazing…

  • yoon see [] :

    Cool idea!
    Beautiful time piece in a fun and merry mood!

  • Pea [] :

    lovely illo !

  • kathy hare [] :

    a gorgeous illustration, love his wheels! :)

  • Vanessa Brantley Newton [] :

    He’s pretty cool if you ask me!! I like his friend too. The colors are super cool.

  • Chris [] :

    Wow, Dot! This is about three-dozen types of awesome. I really like the casters and that little robot is excellent. Really incredible work.

  • moverlow [] :

    Nice light-hearted take on the subject this week. Beautiful rendering. Nicely done!

  • Peter Breese [] :

    Wonderful watercolor Dot!

  • Faruffa [] :

    cute and true!!!

  • Brine Blank [] :

    Perfect take…great setup on the characters…