Party Invitations

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For the boy’s school auction this week, I’m giving away a custom graphic for a party invitation. So I pulled together some sample images to show what was possible. I like what I did for the samples, so I figured I’d stick them in my (never before used) etsy store (cheap!). So if you’d like a customized version of any of these (change the text to match your party details), you can get it there–it will be delivered via email. I’m only doing a few of each this cheap, so consider it limited edition :). [oh, if your next party’s a ways off, you can buy now, and just email me the details later.]

Sample Party Invitations

I’ve also got a customized version of the Robot Party invites out there. You can just download the generic version here, for free, but doesn’t it look nicer customized… and you could be funding dot’s art supply habit? :)

And of course, if you want a truly customized one like I’m giving away for the auction, just email me.

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  • Crafts by Alice [] :

    They are all so cute! I love the robot banner.

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    These are ALL very cool!