Remote Control Dalek made from Recycling

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LOVE this! After getting my inner nerd on at Dragon*con this weekend, I’m all about the geeky crafting. And really, with Doctors as cute as David Tennant (I so miss him!) and the new guy (Matt Smith?), being a Doctor Who fan is hardly geeky anymore.

Awesome step by step over at Filth Wizardry on how the kids made a Dr Who Dalek from recycled materials. Go Check it Out:

DIY Remote Controlled Dalek from recycling

Photos from Dragon*Con coming tomorrow!

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  • Eric Barclay [] :

    I love “up-cycling” projects– thanks for sharing. Your Clonetroopers On A Stick are awesome!

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    #DoctorWho Dabbled » Article » Remote Control Dalek made from Recycling

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Thanks, Eric!