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Awesome Octopus Cake

Awesome Octopus Cake

This is some serious cephalopod! Octopus Cake by by Karen Portaleo/ Highland Bakery. Wait.. Highland Bakery? That’s in my neighborhood. They make awesome TASTING cakes, too.

Another view

via the always awesome Great White Snark

Speaking of octopuses… I got stalled on my update to the hexapus tutorial, but I’ll get it out this week, I hope!

Illustration Friday: Music

Illustration Friday: Music

I’m making up for lost time apparently this week. This is the fourth (or third, depending on how you look at it!) in the black and white series

Illustration Friday – "Instinct"

Illustration Friday - "Instinct"

My plan was to have another in the watercolor robots series for you here today, but I didn’t have time to draw today. So I present to you the commissioned graphic for a t-shirt I just finished, instead. Don’t blame the giant space squid when he has you for dinner, he’s just acting on Instinct!

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One more octopus… and Making Soup!

One more octopus... and Making Soup!

Skitzophrenic post here, but I wanted to get one more Octopus out for Cepholopod Week.
And I also have a new instructable up, on how to make a totally easy, kid-veggie-friendly, inexpensive soup – Carrot Vichyssoise…

So here he is — “Cedric”… But I also need an opinion.. I didn’t ink him like I’ve been doing (see others) just darkened the pencil outline. Like? Not as good?
Would love some feedback on this.… [ KEEP READING ]

Cephalopod Week – It's the octopus' turn!

Cephalopod Week - It's the octopus' turn!

Apparently there was an outcry of discrimination among the octopuses of the world that my cephalopods this week were of the squid-y variety. To make amends, here is a sweet little Octopus pal, Edvard, is just looking for love (probably in all the wrong places).

(I have been instructed to add that the shrimp in the heart shape was the adorable Handy Hubby’s idea. Please make a note of it. He also consulted on the proper way to draw the bottom of the tentacles.)
Original Watercolor 5×6″

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Cephalopod Week – Links to cool things with Tentacles

Cephalopod Week - Links to cool things with Tentacles

In Soviet Russia, Squid Eat YOU! This squidee’s over at Laughing Squid!

Bizarre Tentacled Robots
via @joshpincus, who also reminded me of this cool squid cake spotted on Craft.

pointed me to some gorgeous cephalopod jewelry by sculptor Sheryl Westleigh at Noadi’s Art Blog

All Things Squid at squid.us

Dabbled reader Adrienne from Baby Toolkit pointed me to a neat special on cuttlefish from Nova

The coolest sea creatures can be found on futuregirl!… [ KEEP READING ]