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Jello Easter Eggs

Jello Easter Eggs

Love this idea from Duhlicious!

Jello Easter Eggs made in the shell… and plus the idea of making them into Jello shots?  Awesomeness.  Will have to try these!

Go read the whole thing and get the instructions: Jello Easter Eggs


Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Dabbled Friend Grieg (now also found at Foodwhirl!) has a great how-to for dying Easter Eggs using old silk ties! So go raid the closet or the thrift store, and get to “tie” dying!  I love the usual and mottled look you get from this technique (one of the many techniques spotlighted in last years “12 Ways to Color Eggs“)

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs Tutorial

1. Cut silk into a piece large enough to wrap around a raw egg.… [ KEEP READING ]

Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha!

Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha!

The other day we talked about Cake Filled Eggshells. Well, we Love Love Love this idea from not martha for chocolate and goodie-filled real eggshells. So clever, and I love how Kinder Eggs were her inspiration! They are so much fun.

These dyed Easter are real eggshells that have been coated on the inside with chocolate and stuffed with candy and a small surprise.

Everything I used to decorate the eggs is edible. [ KEEP READING ]

Easter Egg Prep – How to blow eggs!

Easter Egg Prep - How to blow eggs!

I love this tutorial from Wisdom of the Moon.  I must admit I don’t usually blow eggs (ie remove the egg from the shell ahead of time then paint the eggshells), but this technique seems like it might make it worth the effort–can you believe the secret to this is using an aspirator (ya know, they thing you suck out babies’ noses with!?)!  And I love that this way they can keep their eggs from year to year..… [ KEEP READING ]