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April Fools Food!

April Fools Food!

Dinner on April Fools Day (can you believe it’s almost April 1st?) calls for making something unusual, right?  Maybe a bit tricksy.   Here are a few ideas, both sweet and savory, with an April Fool’s Day twist.

Nothing is what it seems…
Top: Sushi? – I made this last year for an April Fool party, and again at halloween (instructions)
Middle: A cupcake?
Eggs and Toast?
Bottom: Veggies and Fish Sticks? [ KEEP READING ]

Valentine Sweet Treats Flickr Roundup

Valentine Sweet Treats Flickr Roundup

For your inspiration and enjoyment, here’s some lovely valentine treat ideas, collected from around Flickr!  Links are below the big picture–click through for more info on the creators and/or links to how to’s.

1. valentine westie cookie – red, 2. Engagement Cupcakes, 3. pink hot chocolate, 4. Valentine Fortune Cookies, 5. Hearts and Flowers for V-Day, 6. valentines day cupcakes, 7. Valentine Cake Balls, 8.… [ KEEP READING ]

Handmade Christmas Ornament Tutorials

Handmade Christmas Ornament Tutorials

If you’re making Christmas ornaments, you’d better get started now! So here is the first of the 2009 collection of links to holiday ornament tutorials! (For more ideas, check out Last Year’s here).

I love this Polaroid Ornament from Katie Cupcake! And she has a detailed tutorial on making these on her blog – Go Here!

Such a clever idea, and a great way to display family photos.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Costumes, Part 2… Creative Couples Costumes

Halloween Costumes, Part 2... Creative Couples Costumes

Welcome to yet another Halloween post! (Don’t miss any this month: Get the Feed (RSS) or Get Dabbled via Email)

Another flickr Gallery for you, this time, Couples Costumes. Some of these are quite well done… others not so much, but still a funny concept. Hope these provide some inspiration! (Previous Couples Costumes here and some more inspiration here, including Dr. Horrible costumes)

Couples Gostumes Gallery on Flickr

See them all at the flickr Gallery

Row 1
The Joker and Poison Ivy – Really well done version.… [ KEEP READING ]

Mmmm.. creepy Brain cupcakes (and more!)

Mmmm.. creepy Brain cupcakes (and more!)

Check out these fabulously creepy Brain Cupcakes by flickr user xsomnis! The brains are molded chocolate. (via Craft & Street Anatomy)

A few more creepy cupcakes for you from my flickr surfing:
1. Dexter murder cupcakes (I love that show!), 2. eyeballs cupcakes, 3. Bite Me (Vampire Cupcakes) (Oooh, I like TrueBlood too!! and I found a ‘how-to’ on this last one here)

Flickr Roundup – Get Crafty Inspirations

Flickr Roundup - Get Crafty Inspirations

From a froggie coin purse to donut earrings complete with sprinkles, today’s we bring you some cute handmade creations… the links at the bottom of the page will take you to the pictures themselves on flickr for more info! Enjoy!

1. Picture 244, 2. Coffee Mug Necklace, 3. Más Donuts, 4. Housewife Penguin, 5. Bottle Cap Pincushion #263, 6. Green Pip!s, 7. Xbox Controller, 8. [ KEEP READING ]