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Illustration Friday – Paisley Meets Slither

Illustration Friday - Paisley Meets Slither

Why of course I didn’t take the sketch I never finished for the “Slither” theme, add some quick paisleys to the background, and try to pass it off as the Paisley theme this week! How could you even think such a thing!?

Original sketch: http://dabbled.org/2010/06/sketchbook-tuesday.html

Sketchbook – Non Standard Equipment

Sketchbook - Non Standard Equipment

This is some pretty non-standard equipment for ballooning!

I have been so slack at drawing lately, even sketching—and I haven’t done an illustration friday in weeks! So, here’s a quick pencil drawing I did at The Boy’s Kung Fu class Tuesday night. I MIGHT get around to a colored version eventually….

This Robot has Expired.

This Robot has Expired.

Happy Illustration (not exactly) Friday!

(I should color last week‘s like this, when I have a chance)


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A couple of robot sketches for Subterranean

A couple of robot sketches for Subterranean

The prompt on Illustration Friday this week is Subterranean…I’ll probably do another pic for IF this week, but I thought this was cool.. Which do you like better?

I was playing around with a fun little online drawing tool called Harmony that I found via Drawn.ca.

So I sketched part of the idea I had for illustration friday this week!  I really like the sparse feel to this… and it was fun :)  I’ll probably do another IF for Subterranean, but if not, here are these two!… [ KEEP READING ]

My Tarot Card for the Super Punch 3 year Anniversary

My Tarot Card for the Super Punch 3 year Anniversary

And it’s perfect for today’s Illustration Friday: Brave.  Doesn’t this king look Brave and True?  You know he had to be a robot.

About the project at Super Punch:

So, about this project. I wanted to do something special for the third anniversary of Super Punch, and three weeks or so ago, the idea popped into my head of inviting my favorite artists to create tarot cards.

See all the fabulous cards thus far at Super Punch. … [ KEEP READING ]

IF: Propagate – Robot Matryoshka Dolls

IF: Propagate - Robot Matryoshka Dolls

Illustration Friday prompt this week was Propagate… I’m not really sure HOW these dolls propagate, but I’m sure it’s interesting :)

This seemed to be begging for a caption, this was the one I came up with… any better ideas?

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