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Illustration Friday: Launch (Rooster Sketch)

Illustration Friday: Launch (Rooster Sketch)

And I’m back from my art hiatus with an Illustration Friday!!

Really, I have been so busy with web design stuff, that I haven’t taken the time to draw, and that’s just sad.  So I’ve had this robotic rooster in my head (he’s eventually going to be a big piece) and here’s my first attempt at a sketch of him.  Doesn’t it look like he’s just launched a football into the air?… [ KEEP READING ]

Sketchbook Tuesday

Sketchbook Tuesday

I did this little sketch the other evening while The Boy was in Kung Fu class.  I liked it, so I inked it up last night.  Kinda cute, huh?  Somewhat inspired by The Far Side, and somewhat by the accidental results of my brother’s mouse-based science fair project, back in the day….

New Art! Ballooning Bot

New Art! Ballooning Bot

So, I tried to shoehorn in my drawing of Phineas and Ferb meet The Clone Wars for the Early theme on IF last week, but (although the piece came out AWESOME–the Boy loves it!) it was kinda a cheat. So here’s another take.

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Here is the ballooning robot in the early morning light.  I imagine he got up early, and just headed out on an adventure. … [ KEEP READING ]

My Tarot Card for the Super Punch 3 year Anniversary

My Tarot Card for the Super Punch 3 year Anniversary

And it’s perfect for today’s Illustration Friday: Brave.  Doesn’t this king look Brave and True?  You know he had to be a robot.

About the project at Super Punch:

So, about this project. I wanted to do something special for the third anniversary of Super Punch, and three weeks or so ago, the idea popped into my head of inviting my favorite artists to create tarot cards.

See all the fabulous cards thus far at Super Punch. … [ KEEP READING ]

IF: Propagate – Robot Matryoshka Dolls

IF: Propagate - Robot Matryoshka Dolls

Illustration Friday prompt this week was Propagate… I’m not really sure HOW these dolls propagate, but I’m sure it’s interesting :)

This seemed to be begging for a caption, this was the one I came up with… any better ideas?

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I’ll Sail this Ship of Gnomes.

I'll Sail this Ship of Gnomes.

For my Illustration (not quite) Friday, this is my take on ‘adrift’..

I’ve always loved The Beautiful South (and the Housemartins before), but when we hear I’ll Sail this Ship Alone, my sweetie and I like to say “Sail this Ship of Gnomes”.. not quite sure how it started, but that’s why we have a lovely little sketch of a ship of gnomes for your perusal today.

I’ll Sail This Ship Alone (BBC Session – Mark Goodier 10/6/89) by The Beautiful South
Play song from Lala.com
The BBC Sessions – 2007 – 3:47

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