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Roundup of 14 Food & Craft ideas for Angry Birds!

Roundup of 14 Food & Craft ideas for Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Cookies

My 5 year old has discovered the world of iPhone games, and loves Angry Birds.  So in honor of him, here’s a roundup of some fun Angry Bird things you can eat, play with, or make!


Twitter bud @robynski shares the how-to on making Angry Birds cookies on her blog

Angry Birds Cupcakes at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Angry Birds Cake! via Great White Snark … plus you can buy Edible Angry Birds cake toppers.… [ KEEP READING ]

Fabulous Felt Snake!

Fabulous Felt Snake!

After seeing this in the Dabbled flickr group, I had to spotlight it here on Dabbled.org. Check out this incredibly cool felt sculpture by The Felted Chicken!

Very cool, huh? I love the combination of airbrush and needle felting…

Check out her other cool felt work at her shop… I love the felt sushi!

Happy Inspiration everyone!

Lovely things you may have missed

Lovely things you may have missed

Over the holidays, I asked several of my favorite crafty people to do some guest posts for me while I was out of town. Since a lot of you might have also been on vacation or a tad busy (though, I’m sure you came here immediately and checked everything you missed, right??), here are 3 lovely projects that you’ll want to check out!

Melissa from Crafting with Cat Hair on making Felt M&M Cookies!


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday…

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday...

We completed our traditional whirlwind tour of south GA and South Carolina, and the Boy’s been sent to Disney World with Grandma. OK, I miss him already, but we do get to have an adult night out tonight!

So, hope everyone enjoyed the guest post projects from the last few days.. Some great tutorials! If you missed them, check ’em out:

Adorable Needle Felted Gnome – as a commenter pointed out, these would be a lovely nativity scene.… [ KEEP READING ]

How to: Needle Felted Gnome

How to: Needle Felted Gnome

EDIT: Welcome THREADBANGERS! Do go check out the Anti-Valentine’s Day Contest!

I’m the guest artist for Sluggy Freelance today – check it out!

Please Welcome our guest blogger for today, the lovely Hello, I’m Sally from Pollywog’s Cakewalk! Today she brings us a really great tutorial on how to make a little gnome using needle felting. I’ve never tried this process, and it looks like a ton of fun… Thanks to Sally for sharing with us today!… [ KEEP READING ]