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Apologies… and some quick links!

Apologies... and some quick links!

Sorry to be so quiet this week, I’ve been doing a lot of website coding (for clients, not Dabbled — as you can see I’ve kinda stalled on the new site design project — that will hopefully resume next week).   Shameless plug:  I do web design for small businesses and blog businesses — Email me if you need a website (here’s one I just finished)!

So, to tide you over, here are a few good links!… [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon Party Invite, Cake, and Favors

Dragon Party Invite, Cake, and Favors

I’m coming down off the baking high from yesterday. Not only do we have the dragon cake (above) but a bunch of cupcakes too, because I tend to go overboard. So, along with the cakes, we have Dragon Wings for fun and favors, and the dragon invitation. I’m not sure that I’m doing any other dragon themed stuff, but I do have to run to Trader Joes today to pick up stuff for food.… [ KEEP READING ]

Thursday Wrap-up…

Thursday Wrap-up...

From kids party ideas to tutorials, here’s what’s been happening at Dabbled this week…

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How's this for a Marketing Technique?

How's this for a Marketing Technique?

Click through to see it bigger, but those are my almost 4 yr old’s legs, arms, hands, and feet (even the bottoms) covered in “dabbled.org”. I was mailing out the first of my Pay It Forward gifts, and a contest prize, and I had left the self inking stamp out on the table. 15 minutes of unattended child left me with this lovely result. I find him in his closet (where he usually goes when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to) and I ask him what he’s doing.… [ KEEP READING ]

Sorry for the MIA…

Glad you all enjoyed the Sweater Monster Puppets monday! If you make them, I’d love to see what you come up with..

Art Prints:
Oh, and if you were ever thinking of ordering a print of any of my artwork, now is the time.. Through May 4, Imagekind is offering Free Shipping, which really makes for a great deal. The code is MDay09. And if you see anything at nancydorsner.com that isn’t at Imagekind, just let me know, and I’ll upload it for you so you can order it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Random Monday

Random Monday

You have until tomorrow to vote for your favorites for the Anti-Valentines People’s Choice Award — spread the word and go vote for up to 3 favorites. It’s pretty close between several top choices!

I’m taking the day off today mostly recovering from a fun weekend (totally recommend a visit to the Terrapin brewery — the Sunray Wheat was my favorite!), but here are a few cool random links for you!… [ KEEP READING ]