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How to make a Paper Rose Wreath

How to make a Paper Rose Wreath

Artist, and Dabbled favorite, Diana Evans has a great tutorial on making cute paper roses and a paper rose wreath.
Perfect for Valentines Day, no? I think individual flowers would be nice on 3-D Valentine’s Day cards, too.

Go check it out! Her hand drawn tutorial is adorable too…

Halloween Guest Post: Recycled Halloween Wreath

Halloween Guest Post: Recycled Halloween Wreath

A big welcome to Jeanne from WildWoods Art who brings us a lovely tutorial on making a recycled wreath for Halloween! Jeanne is a big Halloween inspiration!

Who doesn’t like to hang a pretty wreath on their door or fence in celebration of a Holiday or Season?  We’ll make such a wreath and it will even be out of recycled plastic bags!

Hi! I’m Jeanne Gripp of WildWoods Art. I am a self-taught Folk Artist who delights in making items of whimsy.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Tutorial – Monster Wreath

Halloween Tutorial - Monster Wreath

I’ve been promising more Halloween tutorials, so here’s another one for you! We made this halloween monster wreath for halloween in 2005… It’s pretty easy to make, and is a perennial favorite decoration, so I’ve written up a tutorial on it–since I didn’t have any pictures of the making of it, you get my fabulous hand drawings..sorry!

Click through to flickr to see bigger or download.

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