Monthly Archives: February 2008

Arty Goodness

Since I’ve resolved to do more to support artists that I like, I just bought this print (Alkaline) by Jason Limón. I think it’s very nifty! Coming this afternoon… an update on the octopus project..

Linky goodness…

A few cool crafty links I’d had ‘starred’ in my Google Reader: How to crochet with wire – a really nice tutorial from Craftypod Onigiri rice bombs – Lunch In A Box has the most interesting and beautiful lunches, and I think these would be fun to make and The Boy would love them.… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – Multiple

Illustration Friday - Multiple
On my sketchpad, freehanded with a Uniball Micro :)
I loves my robot friends! The final robot is cut off in this, so click through to flickr for the full pic.

Finger Puppet Bus!

Finger Puppet Bus!
Let me state for the record that drugs are good, mkay? Well, at least the ones that I’m taking which are making me feel much better, since apparently i have the lingering ick. On to cooler stuff… A Finger Puppet Bus!

We got the boy a set of finger puppets from Ikea, which are cute, but of course small, so they would inevitably be lost.… [ KEEP READING ]

Mag My Pic

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at This is silly, but why not? In a quick 4 step process, Mag My Pic puts the picture of your choice on a magazine cover. I tried it with one of the few pics i had on this computer (our xmas card pic) and it probably would have looked cooler with a differently laid out photo, but OF COURSE The Boy is one of the 100 Most Beautiful People!… [ KEEP READING ]

Give me Money, that's what I want…

An interesting idea which I’ve seen before, but can’t remember where… A money pad as a gift. Oh So Crafty does a really pretty book, with ‘tear out’ dollar bills inside as a clever way to give money as a gift. (via Tip Junkie). She used hot glue to attach them, but I’ve seen other methods which seem like they’d work a little better, using the glue you can use to make any sort of notepad.… [ KEEP READING ]