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Sketch for Illo Friday

Sketch for Illo Friday
I blame the Inman Park Festival (Pics below) for the fact that I haven’t gotten around to my Illustration Friday sketch yet. This is the Doodle that will become my Illustration Friday for last Friday. The theme is Wrinkled and it had me stumped for inspiration. This meeting doodle, cleaned up a bit with ink, will become my illustration.… [ KEEP READING ]

Some Random Pictures from Inman Park Fest

I got alot of cool ones of the parade, but ran out of time (crabby 2 yr old) to take many pictures of the crafty booths..
Here’s a random selection – they link back to the full flickr set
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Adventures in Crepe-ing

Adventures in Crepe-ing

So yesterday morning, my adorable husband, who was sleeping in, said “make me crepes for breakfast”. I laughed and said “yeah, right”, and proceeded to make scrambled eggs and sausage for me and The Boy. When hubby finally got out of bed, he looked at the leftover eggs and said “hey, these aren’t crepes!” And when he came back from the corner market, he brought a half-pint of heavy whipping cream “for my crepes you’re going to make me tomorrow”.… [ KEEP READING ]

Festival season!

Festival season!
Busy Busy lately, especially on the weekends — I figured out that we have practically every weekend booked for the next two months! Too much of this, i suppose!

That was the Sweetwater 420 Festival at Candler Park last weekend.
This weekend will be the Inman Park Festival, and I’m going to bring my camera.… [ KEEP READING ]

Recycling! (A late earth day post)

Recycling! (A late earth day post)
In honor of earth day, i was going to ‘recycle’ some of my posts on using recycled materials for cool stuff. then i got busy and missed earth day. so even though it’s late, i hope you enjoy it! Sweater recycling:
Old sweaters (and you know we all have them) are a fun and easy thing to recycle.… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – Primitive

Illustration Friday - Primitive
Falling back on an old standby – Robots! The Primative Robot:

Pencil sketch, scanned and colored in Photoshop. I was playing around with alot of different ideas around the idea of a primitive robot. I was actually sketching a robot to look like ‘old iron’ (an old mainframe computer from the dark ages – like the 40s/50s).… [ KEEP READING ]