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Birthday Party Invite & Thank You Note

Birthday Party Invite & Thank You Note
See all related posts at the Robot Party Round-up. Robot Cake and the favor bags. And the Spaceman cowboy favor bag illustration is here. The Boy’s birthday is coming up and i’m not really much for themes… but he loves robots and such so I decided to do a Robot Spaceman theme on his invitation and thank you notes.… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – "Worry" (plus scans of the contest prizes)

Illustration Friday - "Worry" (plus scans of the contest prizes)
My excuse for being late this week – we were gone all weekend: Pics! So I was coloring another pic for Illo Friday, and photoshop crashed. So I took it as a sign, and did this one instead! Which I think is actually better.
Poor lil bots, I’m not sure who is more worried!… [ KEEP READING ]

Long Weekend of Fun..

Long Weekend of Fun..
edit: More pics here We went to a wedding this weekend in St. Simons Island, Ga, and we’re finally back after a long road trip and much busyness. Just got around to looking at the illo friday topic for this week, so no drawing yet, but here’s last week’s if you missed it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – "Wide"

Illustration Friday - "Wide"
Here is my Illo Friday from last week… sketch is here.
I wanted to do something inspired by vintage advertising posters, plus i figured this would be a cool label for when i got around to making Limoncello (Kinda like the Bacon Vodka label from prior!)
Pencil, colored in photoshop Suggestions welcome..… [ KEEP READING ]

Preview of this week's Illo Friday

Preview of this week's Illo Friday
This week’s illustration friday topic is Wide. I thought this little guy, in the style of those ubiquitous Italian/French vintage ad posters would be perfect! Plus I want to try making limoncello so i figured i’d draw a label. (to go with our porker friend–Drunken Pig Bacon Vodka)

Stop the Orphan Works Act

If you haven’t seen it, check out this write up on Drawn on the Orphan Works Act. If you are an artist (or like artists!), please take a sec and check out the link above.