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Halloween Craft – Monster Wreath

Halloween Craft - Monster Wreath
Just to get you in the mood, and start thinking about the Halloween Contest, here is a one of the decorations we made in years past. (Oh, and I need a catchy name for the contest (like the previous “Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest” — any ideas, my clever people?) When it gets closer to time, I’ll be doing a series on h’ween food and decorations, and the tutorial on this will be one of the items!… [ KEEP READING ]

Homemade Lipbalm (A Dabbled Re-run)

Homemade Lipbalm (A Dabbled Re-run)
While I’m off exploring my inner geek this weekend at Dragon*Con, here’s a previous project you might have missed! Homemade Lipbalm is fun & easy, and makes great gifts.. you should try it! The Materials:

First Batch:
.25 ounces Beeswax
.66 ounces Shea Butter
.40 ounces Sweet Almond Oil
2 Vitamin E pills (just the insides, obviously!)
10 drops Peppermint Oil Second Batch:
Olive Oil instead of Sweet Almond
No Peppermint Oil
A dab of lipstick for color Recipe adapted from some found at Majestic Mountain Sage
Also got a lot of great tips from this BlueArts post.… [ KEEP READING ]


I’ll be letting out my inner geek at Dragon*Con this weekend, but I’ll hopefully have some scheduled posts for you, my adoring fans.. And some great pictures when I come back. Talk about CREATIVITY! In other news,
I had an Ikea date yesterday with one of the winners from last month’s Contest, Colleen of Some Art Fabric.… [ KEEP READING ]

The Space Robots go Fabric!

The Space Robots go Fabric!
I’ve been meaning to create some fabric designs ever since I signed up for the Spoonflower beta. I finally got around to it, and here is my first attempt! The Space Robots (from the Robot Party) return! It took some trail and error to get the pattern like i wanted it, so here’s how I did it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Monday Link Love

Monday Link Love
Flickr-surfing: I ran across these too cool robots on flickr. by magneto-man. Ok, So I’m procrastinating.. I really do have to clean up from the weekend! Here’s a few little linky goodness items that I figured you might want to know about! I’ve got to try this.. Making Homemade Paneer (Cheese) from Angry Chicken A few tutorials (via Whip-up) -A really nice blockprinting tutorial from LizzyHouse -A neat how-to on making cute leather bracelets from Erleperle And last but not least, Hatch has a fun weekly roundup including a bacon alarm clock and water bottles kids can build with.… [ KEEP READING ]

Ah, Monday..

Busy Busy weekend — we had our big neighborhood Block Party. So no creativity to share from the weekend. Although I did make a super-large batch of the Asian Pasta Salad for the party, and it came out really well. And the lack of creative output can also be blamed on playing online video games all day Sunday.… [ KEEP READING ]