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Halloween Linky Goodness

Some cool halloween stuff is starting to pop up… A tutorial on this making this Cinderella Pumpkin is at Resurrection Fern. Cute! Martha, of course Paper Pumpkins from Hostess with the Mostest

Crafting with Cat Hair — Halloween Tea Set
Tooth Earrings! via Craft

Halloween Bottle Brush Trees spotted on Whip Up

Dabbled Interview – Hello Naomi

Dabbled Interview - Hello Naomi
You’ve probably seen Naomi Henderson (aka Hello Naomi) and her cupcakes around the web. Fun, creative, and a little geeky too. I can’t link to them all in this post, so check these out. I asked her for an interview to learn a little more about her and those fun and fab cupcakes, and here she is!… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – Packed

Illustration Friday - Packed
The Bots are all packed for vacation! I didn’t like the way the colors turned out on the original, so I tried some more muted versions. What do you think looks better (scroll down to see)? I tried to use minimal colors in this. I may still play around with the colors because I’m just not loving them.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Flayed Skin Cheeseball

Halloween Food - Flayed Skin Cheeseball
Welcome a Dabbled Halloween ! (Don’t miss any this month: Get the Feed (RSS) or Get Dabbled via Email)
A Dabbled original… well, my friend Erka created it for our party a few years ago, and i have no idea where she got the idea. Anyways, it’s a perenial favorite — disgusting and yummy!… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween – Even Creepier Cakes

The lovely ladies at They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara have some of the creepiest cakes ever. This Thorax Cavity Cake really ‘takes the cake’! The rib cage is white chocolate, and each of the organs is a goo filled yummy cake–all different gourmet flavors. Full instructions on how to make this ultimate in “gross your dinner guests out” halloween cakes can be found on their site.… [ KEEP READING ]

Art Day: Tell a Bot by his Tshirt..

Art Day: Tell a Bot by his Tshirt..
Introducing the T-shirt Bots: Hipster Bot, Geeks will Inherit the Earth Bot, and Joss Bot. I want to do a few more, any ideas? (click through for bigger)
They all have attributes, like hobbies and operating systems… but i need some creative people to help me out with what they should be.… [ KEEP READING ]