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Halloween Contest Winners!

Halloween Contest Winners!
You’re getting multiple posts today, so if you missed it, check out the fabulous meaty mummy hand tutorial. And should I be able to, some pics from my progress on making Halloween Food will be posted later. But first off, the winners of the Halloween Contest! First, I’d like to thank all who entered, and thank our Judges: Chica & Jo, Samae, Erin, and Colleen.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Yummy Mummy Hand (HOW TO)

Halloween Food - Yummy Mummy Hand (HOW TO)
I love my friends! At last week’s pumpkin party, my friend Chad asked what he could bring to my halloween party. I made a few suggestions, including some ideas I had around a mummy arm similar to my Bone Marrow last year. Well, he took those and improved upon them, and has graciously written up how he created his prototype for the party, this really fun Mummy Hand!… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Chocolate Pretzel Creep Fingers

I’m throwing a Halloween Party Saturday night, so the next few days will be filled with me trying to get everything together. However, I didn’t want to neglect you, dear Dabblers, so I figured I’d let you in on some of the stuff I’m making! I just finished up a batch of Sweet Sushi, and later I’ll be pulling these Creep Fingers together, along with my Peanut Butter Eyeball truffles.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Contest, Ends tonight!

Halloween Contest, Ends tonight!
Today is the last day to get your entries in for the Halloween Contest! We have some great entries thus far, but there is still room for more! You have until 11:00 pm Eastern US time. If you’re entering, and you have pictures on flickr, don’t forget to add them to the Dabbled Pool.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Feature – Wobbegong Shark Costume

Halloween Feature - Wobbegong Shark Costume
Dabbler Jen Straw of Pittsburgh PA sent this in, and I love it! The Wobbegong shark was her son’s absolute favorite shark in the universe, so she designed and made this costume for him. Don’t know what a Wobbegong is? See the little pic of a real Wobbegong cruising the coral reefs of Australia.… [ KEEP READING ]

The Dark Detecting pumpkin

Handy hubby took inspiration from the always ultra cool Evil Mad Scientists to make their Dark Detecting Pumpkin. He has LEDs for eyes, and they come on when it gets dark.. How totally cool and geeky, no? Other Dabbled references to the Evil Mad Scientist projects Here are some pumpkin pics, and for instructions, go here..!… [ KEEP READING ]