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2008 Dabbled Roundup

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Go make a tiny chair tonight!

Since it seems the thing to do, here are a few pictures of some of the cool stuff from Dabbled this year. It’s been a great, creative year, and thanks to all of you who played along at home! So three big Mosaics..… [ KEEP READING ]

How to: Make a little chair from a champagne cork wire!

How to: Make a little chair from a champagne cork wire!
This is a quick and easy thing to do with those little wire tops that hold champagne corks. And with New Year’s Eve coming up, you know you’ll have some of these lying around (unless you buy twist offs, of course!). These would make cute little dollhouse chairs, a neat xmas tree ornament, or just a fun tiny nicknack!… [ KEEP READING ]

Clandestine projects

Clandestine projects
Looking for crafty stuff? Look at the bottom of this post! I’ve been doing some guest artwork for Pete Abrams, of Sluggy Freelance, and of course I had to do it secretly and not show it to you guys until it ran on So, if you’re a fan of Sluggy (one of the best webcomics around in my humble opinion) hop over and see the my Wizard of Oz interpretation today.… [ KEEP READING ]

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday…

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday...
We completed our traditional whirlwind tour of south GA and South Carolina, and the Boy’s been sent to Disney World with Grandma. OK, I miss him already, but we do get to have an adult night out tonight! So, hope everyone enjoyed the guest post projects from the last few days..… [ KEEP READING ]

How To: Felt M&M Cookies

Yet another fabulous guest post while Dot’s on vacation! This time we have the always creative Melissa from Crafting with Cat Hair. She’s got a fun and simple felt tutorial, that I know you’ll enjoy! Please welcome her, and do go check out her blog, too!

Hi Dot,
Here is my tutorial for felt M&M cookies.… [ KEEP READING ]

How to: Needle Felted Gnome

EDIT: Welcome THREADBANGERS! Do go check out the Anti-Valentine’s Day Contest!

I’m the guest artist for Sluggy Freelance today – check it out! Please Welcome our guest blogger for today, the lovely Hello, I’m Sally from Pollywog’s Cakewalk! Today she brings us a really great tutorial on how to make a little gnome using needle felting.… [ KEEP READING ]