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Cephalopod Love! (and a free Valentine card)

2/12 update: Like the squidees? I’m donating one of the original squid watercolors to the Handmade Help relief effort for the Australian bushfires – go bid on her and help a good cause! Details and links to the auction Here. For you, a free Valentine downloadable card! Here are two cards you can print and share, featuring our lovely valentine squid.… [ KEEP READING ]

Inspiration links, Again

Inspiration links, Again
Apparently, in trying to be lazy this morning with my links, I got myself into a recursive loop. So, here are your links, now new and improved with 98% less infinity. Pictured above, from my flickr travels: Starburst Bracelet from candy_calamity Valentine’s Day Waffles, in Miniature from bebetoby. Really neat – you wouldn’t believe those pins and pendants are from plastic bottles!… [ KEEP READING ]

Random Linky Goodness

UM… pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… I screwed up the link post, will fix it later today and repost. Til then, some works in progress to keep you company! A partially done cephalopod watercolor Sketch – In Soviet Russia, Squid eat you!
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More cool Robot Art
Valentine Candy FAIL
Judges announced for the Anti-Valentine Contest!!… [ KEEP READING ]

Wednesday is Art Day (Illustration Friday – Climbing)

A valentine’s themed watercolor for this week’s IF word of “Climbing”. I drug out the real watercolors for this one – not the photoshop ones. And I remembered why I both love and hate watercolors. I’m not sure exactly the story behind this one. Surrealism, robots, hearts, and even a robotic cupid [included since Diane’s Daily Art Stop challenge is Angels and Cupids :) ] PS – Don’t forget to enter the Anti-Valentines Contest!… [ KEEP READING ]

Ya win some… ya lose some… (Valentine candy FAIL)

Ya win some... ya lose some... (Valentine candy FAIL)
If anyone was under the impression that everything I ‘dabble’ with comes out lovely, let me disabuse you of that notion! I had this great idea for Macadamia nut brittle hearts. The sugar mixture is ready to pour out when it reaches a ‘light amber color’, right? Hmm, apparently my idea of light amber color was a little different than the recipe’s.… [ KEEP READING ]

Announcing our Illustrious Judges for the Anti-Valentines Day Contest

Announcing our Illustrious Judges for the Anti-Valentines Day Contest
As promised, here are the judges for the 2nd Annual Black Heart Anti Valentine’s Day Contest: *The lovely and ingenious Diane, of Craftypod (We interviewed Diane a while back) *The clever and delightful Alice, of Futuregirl (She has the best sea creatures!) *And the charming and talented Rachel, of Average Jane Crafter (and Craft contributing writer) If you’re not familiar with these talented ladies, go check them out.… [ KEEP READING ]