Monthly Archives: July 2009

An Illustration Friday Robot- on an actual friday, no less!

I dug out the paints and canvas for the first time in ages… what do you think? I’m thinking of a series of these for the new shop (which yes, I know, is so behind schedule). So, the theme for IF this week is Modify, and I’m not sure exactly how this big bot is modifying the little bot, but I’m sure it will turn out well…
It looks a little more washed out here since it’s a scan of the art, but I’m quite happy with it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Scooby Doo Villains – created for Superpunch

One of my fave cool link websites, Superpunch had a contest this month to artistically recreate a Scooby Doo supervillain… Do I wait to the last minute to draw something?… yup! Demon Shark:
And this one didn’t exactly come out as I planned, but here’s Space Kook… It’s a little known fact, but before turning to a life of crime, Space Kook was a renowned botanist!… [ KEEP READING ]

New website update

Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying the new look of Dabbled. Like I’ve said before, it’s still under construction, but it’s coming together. I’ll be adding a ‘Freebies’ section in the next week, so stay tuned for that. The move to WordPress went relatively smoothly, except for one big hiccup, where the part of the feed to Google reader stopped working.… [ KEEP READING ]

Guest Week Wrap-Up

Did you miss me? I’m sure you didn’t, since you have had such wonderful content from our talented Guest Stars! In case you missed any, here are the fabulous posts we had for Guest Week(s) on Dabbled!
Check out this fabulous tutorial on How to Make a Cute Candy Sachet.

Tutorial: How to Make Environmentally Friendly Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags

In my house, we (and by “we,” I mean me and my uninterested husband and kids that I am forcing this on) are doing our best to be better stewards of our environment.  So when Dot asked me to be a guest poster on Dabbled while she sunbathes on an exotic beach being served fruity cocktails by 22-year-old buff cabana boys (I am now thinking I got the raw end of this deal), I immediately racked my brain to come up with a crafty “green” project.… [ KEEP READING ]

#BananaLuv: Bestest Banana Recipes EVAH!

GoodNCrazy Goes Bananas! And maybe you’re thinking so is Dot? Where is she you ask? Um… she didn’t tell me?! I think she’s on a super secret mission? She promises to be back soon though? Maybe she’ll have additional robots for her collection.. ya think?? In the mean time… you’re stuck with me.… [ KEEP READING ]