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Day 1: Lemon Week – Candied Lemon Slices

Today’s Photo-recipe was inspired by Brownie Points (such a lovely blog!) recipe for “The Best Candied Orange Slices in the World“. My parents had an abundance of lemons, and I needed to find things to do with the ones they gave me, and this seemed like a perfect idea.… [ KEEP READING ]

Cool Techniques: Fuse those plastic grocery bags…

Weekends are slow, so many times I’ll do a re-run of something cool from the past.  Brooke, of So She Sews did this great tutorial for Dabbled early this year, and I thought it was definitely worthy of a “re-run”!  So,  check our her stuff (love it!) … and check out this tutorial on how to make some really cool stuff from fused plastic..… [ KEEP READING ]

Aug 31 starts Lemon Week!

Lemon Week is Here! Read all posts All next week, Yummy and fun things to do with one of my favorite citrus fruits! From candied lemons to limoncello… stay tuned for some good eats, and more… Do you have a favorite recipe.. or something even more interesting that you like to do with lemons?… [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon*con! And some Geeky Links so you don’t get any work done today…

The most popular picture I've ever taken...
Who is going to Dragon-con in Atlanta this year? Labor Day Weekend? Lots of geeky fun, and worth going just to see the cool costumes… If so, let me know, maybe we can do a meet up! I’ll take lots of pictures of course, for those of you who have to miss it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Introducing Dabbled|Studios

Introducing Dabbled|Studios
I’ve been doing a lot of web design work lately (as well as stock/custom web illustrations), and people kept asking for my website… and I’m embarrassed to say that didn’t really have one! So, I finally got around to correcting that, and I’d like to announce that is officially open for business.… [ KEEP READING ]

Interview Roundup!

We’ve had some really cool people share a bit about themselves over the past few years… Here is a roundup of some of the cool interviews we’ve done on! Click through the pictures above to find links to the interviews, or just use the list below!… [ KEEP READING ]