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Dabbled Halloween 09 Begins!

See All Halloween Posts Halloween is the favorite holiday around here, so stay tuned for lots of fabulous halloween food, costumes, ideas and so much more. I’m trying to decide if we’re doing a contest this year–it was great last year. You guys up for it!? Here at Dabbled we’ll have lots of new (and old) stuff, but here are a few other sources you should check out!… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday Reloaded!

I did get around to coloring at least part of my Sketchbook drawings for illustration friday this week. Sorry, haven’t done the patterned pants yet! Oddly enough, I drew these two robots as two separate sketches, two different takes on the pattern theme. But they looked so cute together in my sketchbook, i figured they belonged together in one illo.… [ KEEP READING ]

Sketchbook – (IF Pattern)

In the true spirit of Illustration Friday (yeah, I know it’s Monday) I just started sketching what came into my head for the prompt of “Pattern”. So a Frankenrobot with patterned pants… A robot holding a pattern… A robot thinking a pattern of 1’s and 0’s… Hopefully I’ll get around to coloring these soon!… [ KEEP READING ]

Random Sunday Link Day!

Found in the Dabbled flickr Group: "crochet shoe with severed leg" by the cramped hand
Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend… Here’s some fun links to get you inspired for the next week. Recently Twittered Links:
  • ooh! Check out these adorable sandwich ideas…
  • Thrift Store Halloween ideas
  • Wow. Long but interesting New Yorker article on the impossibility of getting rid of incompetent teachers in NYC –
  • Funny article about the dangers of the food police/nanny state.

Nancy’s art featured in the Museum of Science

I mentioned this was coming several months ago, but it’s finally up!  The Robot World 1.0 series of watercolors is now on display in Cahners Computer Place in the M0S in Boston.  I haven’t seen it yet, but here’s some pictures. These are the watercolors featured:  RobotWorld 1.0 According to Dan Noren, the Director of Cahners Computer Place:
The gallery is at the main entrance to Cahners ComputerPlace, and is visible from the three Theater of Electricity viewing areas.

Dragon*con Pics – Finally!

Yep, finally got around to uploading my pictures from Dragon-con. Here’s a little sampling (click to view bigger!) — Or you can see the whole set at Flickr. And there’s more stuff after the pics, so scroll down!