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Dot Cooks! “Live” Halloween Party Food Prep

experiments in hotdog noodles - dabbled .org
Yesterday I did a “live-tweet” of my cooking/prepping food for the halloween party.  Which basically consists of me taking cellphone pics of whatever I’m cooking. So, if you don’t follow me on twitter, here’s what I posted! Twitter for #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: I’ll be ‘live-tweeting’ party food prep this morning, for real this time! [ KEEP READING ]

Agent P! The Boy’s Perry the Platypus costume

I spent several hours yesterday making The Boy’s Perry the Platypus costume. My twitter friends will recall my desperate search for a green hoodie sweatshirt, which I never did find, so I made one out of fleece. The platypus tail (made of fleece, and quilted!) is the crowning touch, I think.… [ KEEP READING ]

How to make a Quick and Lovely Halloween “Candle”

Halloween is almost here! But you still have a few days… So here’s a quick and elegant version of a lantern in a jar! When I went to the Dollar Store to pick up items for my Dollar Store Crafts guest post earlier this month, I picked up enough for several projects–the creepy ravens & the bottle labels were 2 of them.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween on Dabbled Thus Far

New! A page with every halloween project we’ve done on Dabbled, and all the cool links we’ve posted. Up now, so check out all things Halloween Related on Dabbled at!

Social Media for your Crafty Business, by Diane Gilleland

Don’t miss all things Halloween at Dabbled!
Social Media for your Crafty Business is a new e-book by Diane Gilleland of the fabulous website/podcast, Craftypod. (We’ve interviewed Diane, who is a master of all things crafty, here!) Diane was kind enough to send me a copy, and I’m delighted to share my thoughts on it with you all.… [ KEEP READING ]

Crafty Día de los Muertos “Sugar” Skulls!

Check out the fun and fabulous ideas for (non-edible) Skulls (based on Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls) from one of my favorite crafty fellow Atlantans– Colleen of Some Art Fabric & Sloth Craft. (She did a fun Girls Blue Jean Remake tutorial for Dabbled, too!) Click on a picture below for a larger version. [ KEEP READING ]