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Make Quick Mittens

Hi! I’m Heather from Dollar Store Crafts, a daily blog devoted to making cool crafts with dollar store stuff. I’m so excited to be swapping holiday posts with Dot! Do you love felted sweaters as much as I do? Felted (or technically, “fulled”) sweaters are made from animal hair-based yarn (like wool, alpaca or cashmere), and washed in hot water and dried in the dryer until they shrink up and the fibers are fused together (kind of like dreadlocks on a micro scale).… [ KEEP READING ]

Happy Almost December!

You can’t deny it now, the holiday are really upon us now…  Stay tuned this week for 3 Holiday Tutorials! Some Fun holiday stuff from Last Year, while you’re waiting…:
  • Make a Shrink Ornament Santa HERE (includes template)
  • Lemon Pie – Decorate with a winter snowflake theme HERE
  • Some great ideas for Holiday Up-cycling!  

Thanksgiving’s over… Leftovers?

Vegan Leftover Pizza!
A few quick ideas… Do you have your own tricks for using up your leftovers? Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza Turkey Panini Curried Turkey  Croquettes Leftover Pies Day After Thanksgiving Food ideas 10 Tasty ideas for leftover turkey 10 More ideas from Women’s Day And finally:
Make and Freeze Homemade Stock at Dabbled  – If you’ve got a turkey carcass, make use of it and keep the delicious stock for future cookies use!… [ KEEP READING ]

Link day: Tutorials and other fun things

Paul (from the fabulous blog Dudecraft) has a great tutorial on making papercut portraits!  Go check it out! One of my favorite web destinations, Dollar Store Crafts, has a cute tutorial on making a placemat advent calendar. Here’s a tutorial at Craftster to make lovely tile coasters… what a nice gift!… [ KEEP READING ]

Thanksgiving Creative Cakes and Sweets!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (in the US, at least… the rest of you, just have a happy day!)…
I figured it was time for another Flickr Roundup!  Here are some fun and creative cakes, cookies, and other sweets with a thanksgiving theme… who needs pumpkin pie! Click through the links below to see the original photos — several have tutorials, too!… [ KEEP READING ]

Happy Thanksgiving Link Day

Too funny! Turkey cupcake found on flickr
Just a little fun list of Thanksgiving Links!