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Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha!

The other day we talked about Cake Filled Eggshells. Well, we Love Love Love this idea from not martha for chocolate and goodie-filled real eggshells. So clever, and I love how Kinder Eggs were her inspiration! They are so much fun.
These dyed Easter are real eggshells that have been coated on the inside with chocolate and stuffed with candy and a small surprise.

More great egg ideas at Wisdom of the Moon

hanging blown easter eggs
These are just fabulous ideas on how to show off gorgeous blown decorated Easter Eggs, from Dabbled fave, Wisdom of the Moon. (We linked to her “How to Blow Eggs” tutorial here.) Tons of ideas for making your blown and decorated eggs even more special, for hanging and displaying — including using buttons and snaps!… [ KEEP READING ]

Cake Eggs: Cake Filled Eggshells!

I remember making these when I was a kid… What a fun and unusual treat for Easter and/or Spring in general.  I could totally see these for a baby shower brunch at each place setting, maybe topped with an edible flower.  The how-to is below! How to make Cake Eggs: All you need:
Egg shells (Jumbo would yield larger results, but in this case, I thought brown would be pretty.)
Your favorite light in texture cake batter (for these I just used a white cake mix) Using an icepick or other sharp pointy object, make a hole in the top of each egg shell.… [ KEEP READING ]

Easter Sweets

I did a roundup of Easter cupcake ideas at Foodwhirl today – go check it out! Also, a really cute idea for birds nest easter cookies in the Spotlight today.

Logo Design

Here’s a new logo design I am working on… It’s for a wellness company (yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, etc) and based on a symbol for abundance that the client liked – It’s meant to evoke a sunrise. (I’m still tweaking the design a bit, too–a few things that I’m not happy with yet!) Which do you like best?… [ KEEP READING ]

Make your own Peeps!

Today at Foodwhirl I’m issuing a challenge… Make your own Peeps! One of our guest contributors did a great writeup on how she made her Marshmallow Chicks (commonly known as Peeps). She claims they aren’t very pretty, though, so we’re challenging you to do better! Melissa provides the instructions, plus tips on how to make yours better, over at Foodwhirl! [ KEEP READING ]