Monthly Archives: April 2010

Cinco de Mayo Piñata, and more.

Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, just wanted to remind you guys about the fabulous Piñata tutorial from last year, by Joanne of Ready Set Craft!!  It’s it just gorgeous? [ KEEP READING ]

Reader Creations – From the Dabbled Flickr Group

Dabbled readers are so creative!  Here are some of the cool things that I’ve seen recently in the Dabbled flickr group.  (If you’re on Flickr, come join us!)  Several of these have tutorials, so go read the links below.  And if you’re featured here, don’t forget to grab your I Was Featured Button! [ KEEP READING ]

Fun with Kids: How to do a photo safari

One of the fun activities that we’ve been doing, to try to get our little video game fiend (yah, he’s a born geek) out of the house is taking a ‘photo safari’–sometimes we call it a ‘photography field trip’… The 4 year old gets possession of mommy’s point and shoot camera, and we go for a walk–sometimes through the woods, sometimes through the neighborhood.… [ KEEP READING ]

New necklaces (with Dot’s art!)

I’ve been working on a way to sell some of my artwork, in a way that is both affordable, and more ‘useful’ than just a picture you hang on your wall. So this is a couple of prototypes of my latest idea! (Excuse the pics, these aren’t the highest quality!) I’ve been playing around with glass tile necklaces, with either prints from my artwork, or original drawings, as fun and wearable art.… [ KEEP READING ]

Way cool Dr. Who Tardis Cake!

Check out this nifty Dr. Who cake by Dabbled friend The Domestic Scientist… A Tardis and flying Daleks? How geeky cool! (We interviewed Renee here)
For my birthday I decided to be crazy-go-nuts on my own birthday cake and really push my boundaries as a novice baker. I figured since the only one to disappoint is myself, no harm in trying something that can fail horribly, right?

Make Candy Jewels at Chica & Jo

Dabbled friends Chica & Jo have a very cool detailed tutorial today about how to make ‘gems’ out of candy. These look just lovely! I can’t wait to try this out.
Jo and I have been doing lots of projects over the last month or so for Little Jo’s birthday party.