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Umm… It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’m a slacker..

so… check out the latest at Foodwhirl…! Yummy stuff! Including Ramp Pesto,  Raspberry Kulfi, Salmon in Parchment, Cool as a Cucumber cocktail, No-cook Strawberry Jam, Rainbow Bubbles (from Sister Diane‘s Mom!), Poured Sugar Icing… and more! Go See our new recipes and spotlights!! yeah.
you should really check it out.… [ KEEP READING ]


Someone asked me the other day if Dabbled had a Facebook page.. And I realized that I’ve probably been slack about mentioning it… So, I’m mentioning it! If you’re on Facebook, I’d totally love it if you’d go Like our Facebook Page! I’m planning on using it more in the future, but right now I post cool crafty links there, plus it gets the Dabbled RSS feed so you can see links to the most recent Dabbled posts there too.… [ KEEP READING ]

How to make a (paper) graduation cap!

Want a cute graduation mortar board cheap and easy for grad parties or kid fun?  Here ya go! The Boy graduated from Pre-K the other day, and they made these cute graduation caps for them.  So I reverse engineered it (and improved upon it) to make it into a tutorial for you guys!… [ KEEP READING ]

Happy Pre-K Graduation to The Boy…

Today The Boy has his graduation from Pre-K! Amazing how the time flies… Here’s a few random photographs from this year! (some of them are from projects this year… Like: How to make Homemade Slime! The Perry The Platypus Costume Quick Project – Kids T-shirt Mod! Fun with Kids: How to do a photo safari Knight Costume for dress up fun! [ KEEP READING ]

New Art! Ballooning Bot

So, I tried to shoehorn in my drawing of Phineas and Ferb meet The Clone Wars for the Early theme on IF last week, but (although the piece came out AWESOME–the Boy loves it!) it was kinda a cheat. So here’s another take. Oh! Foodwhirl giveaway ends today! Go enter quick! [ KEEP READING ]

Phineas & Ferb meet the Clone Wars

(Edit: The Party has come and gone… see the Perry Cake, the Clone Wars Cupcakes, and everything else: Phineas & Ferb Meet the Clone Wars Party!) The Boy has a birthday coming up, and I figured I’d better be early (ok, I’m reaching for an IF theme! edit: Another IF for Early is HERE! [ KEEP READING ]