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Car Launcher Video, Kids’ Lunches, and more

Car Launcher… In Action Just had a odd experience where someone left a comment on one of my Instructables accusing me of stealing the idea for my Hot Wheels Car Launcher.  At first I was like ‘dude, I’m sure other people have thought of similar things in the vast internets’, then I googled and found what he was talking about.  … [ KEEP READING ]

From cutesy to cool: Weekend Link Dump!

Cutesy Crafty:
Make It:

Missing The Boy.. plus Noodles, beets, squash & more

Thanks for all the feedback on my ‘teaching kids to read’ question the other day… lots of good input – very appreciated! If anyone else wants to weigh in, be sure to stop by :) I’m missing my little one, who has been visiting myriad grandparents and other adventures.  Will see his cute little face on Saturday!… [ KEEP READING ]

Teaching kids to read…

So, a query for you more experienced parents out there: The Boy just turned 5, and we’ve been wondering what and how much to do around beginning reading.   He loves to be read to — we read both picture and chapter books to him before bedtime every night, and he has a learning video game that he likes, that seems to have some basic phonics and sight words in it. … [ KEEP READING ]

Futurama (Bender) Cupcake Toppers

I spotted these Bender (from Futurama) cupcakes over at Duhlicious and had to share them here with you guys.  What a cute idea…
mădălina says: For these toppers I used Wilton Edible Writers on hard fondant disks. The cool thing about edible writers is that you can use them to doodle, and they are safe to eat.

Dealing with Comment Spam, Part 2

Here is part 2 on dealing with Comment Spam… the bane of a blogger’s existence.  In part 1 we talked about Comment Moderation and Blacklisting, so, to continue… (If you missed it: How to deal with Comment Spam, Part 1) Those evil (more educated) comment spammers who look almost real Lately I’ve been noticing a trend of spammers who look like they have actually read your post, and respond with a somewhat intelligent comment, not full of spam links. … [ KEEP READING ]