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Oh, Yeah, go vote for my Stormtrooper pops :)

Thanks to everyone who has linked and tweeted about my Trooper Pops! And if you like them, I’d be much obliged if you’d go vote for my pops to win the Stuff on a Stick contest on instructables!

How to Make Clone Trooper (and Stormtrooper) Candy Pops

Need a little more Star Wars in your life?  Inspired by this summer’s Clone Cupcakes and the Stuff on a Stick contest on Instructables, I was inspired the other day to create this tasty little Clone Army… The pops are basically Rolo candies, covered in marshmallow fondant, with fondant details. … [ KEEP READING ]

How to make Citrus Vodka (from the cheap stuff!)

One my sweetie’s favorite libations (other than a fancy craft beer!) on a summer evening is Citron & Tonic. So last time we were at the store, eyeing the big $30 bottle of Absolut Citron, we decided to see if we could make something similar (or even better) ourselves, for less money!… [ KEEP READING ]

Quick Kids Activity – Cloth Scrap Creatures

Here’s a fun little way to keep your kid occupied for a bit, and also use up some of the scraps you have in your stash from various projects. The Boy has been obsessed with the game Spore, particularly the fun of character creation.  (Yes, we’re raising a geek child, why do you ask!?)  And while he has a lot of fun playing it on the computer, he does need a break from ‘screen time’ sometimes (not if you asked HIM, of course!).  … [ KEEP READING ]

First day of Kindergarten…

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled Dabbled this week, but first some photos of the Cuteness on his first day of school. You’ll note he’s skeptical about this whole school thing, but we did manage to get a smile out of him finally!

Sorry for the MIA!

Boy starts kindergarten next week and we’re enjoying the end of summer vacation! I have bunches of stuff coming up, including making your own citron vodka… so stay tuned!  In the mean time, go check out my latest recipe on Foodwhirl! (Vidalia Onion Shrimp Cakes!)