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Awesome Octopus Cake

This is some serious cephalopod! Octopus Cake by by Karen Portaleo/ Highland Bakery. Wait.. Highland Bakery? That’s in my neighborhood. They make awesome TASTING cakes, too. Another view via the always awesome Great White Snark Speaking of octopuses… I got stalled on my update to the hexapus tutorial, but I’ll get it out this week, I hope!… [ KEEP READING ]

Great idea.. let kids make their own stamps!

Great idea.. let kids make their own stamps!
Over at Filth Wizardry, I love this idea: We had a lot of fun messing around with lumps of plasticine and an old stamp pad, and I figured you’d probably like to see a load of examples of what went on, to give you lots of ideas. I’ve always been rather fond of rubber stamps and my kids love playing with rubber stamps too, but they are expensive, and so we only have a set of upper case and lower case alphabet ones from their great grandpa Norman and a couple of random cheap plastic ones. [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon*con Artist Report

One reason I love to go to Dragon*con is all the awesome artwork, particularly in the comic artists area! And I got to see some really fun artists, which I’ll now randomly share with you, because they are cool.
Brian Despain I love Brian’s work… the subject matter is right up my alley–robots and all manner of coolness– , and it’s just plain gorgeous. 

Curblyʼs “Make It! Hardware Store Decor”

I know, I still owe you a writeup on the artists from Dragon*con… But I’ve been meaning to post this review of the new book from Curbly, and it was just released, so I wanted to let you guys know! Curbly is a great website with tons of cool projects… I’ve referenced them in several projects – including  Jewelry from recycled plastic: Homemade Shrinky Dinks. … [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon-con 2010 Photos/Costumes

Another Dragon*con has come and gone, and we had a great time. I’m bummed that I missed most of my crafty friends… I’ll have to plan ahead better next time!  But I did get to see lots of my artist friends, so that made up for it.  And of course, the people watching was awesome as usual.. … [ KEEP READING ]

Remote Control Dalek made from Recycling

LOVE this! After getting my inner nerd on at Dragon*con this weekend, I’m all about the geeky crafting. And really, with Doctors as cute as David Tennant (I so miss him!) and the new guy (Matt Smith?), being a Doctor Who fan is hardly geeky anymore. Awesome step by step over at Filth Wizardry on how the kids made a Dr Who Dalek from recycled materials.… [ KEEP READING ]