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Part 2: Perry the Platypus Costume tutorial- UPDATED!

The Boy is going as Mr. Freeze for halloween this year, but he’s wearing last year’s Perry the Platypus (Agent P!) costume to school on Friday. I started thinking about it, and decided it needed a bit of an update, so here is Perry, V 2.0! I decided it needed big Perry eyes, so I added 2 ping pong balls, colored with Sharpie marker.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Zombie t-shirt and more halloween clothes for kids..

Love this subtle and fun Zombie Invasion Tshirt from Gerbera Designs.  She’s got a full tutorial on how to make your own, go see! More tutorials for halloween kids-wear: Remember this cool Eyeball tshirt from Creative Kismet? Awesomely cool.  Go get the tutorial! . How about this great little candy corn outfit from Chica & Jo? … [ KEEP READING ]

Just. Too. Awesome. Star Wars Party Food

Just. Too. Awesome.  Star Wars Party Food
I’m blown away by the awesomeness of this Star Wars party by Just Jenn. From the cutest lil Princess Leia cupcakes to clever Cloud City Pops, to Yoda Soda (straight from Dagobah!) to Carbonite Jello (complete with Han Solo action figure!), this is a great spread… She even did a deathstar watermelon (remember our deathstar cantaloupe from the Star Wars party this summer)? … [ KEEP READING ]

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas, old and new

Lady Rocketeer at Superpunch – See the Instructable here! Also at Superpunch – Downloadable Mask roundup From Filth Wizardry: Milk jug storm trooper helmet Halloween costume roundup at One Pretty Thing Spike through the stomach
Check out this one we posted last year:  a great pirate and mermaid! More links from Dabbled’s past:: Halloween Costumes, part 3 – Homemade Kids Costumes (plus more links) Star Wars Halloween The Spider! … [ KEEP READING ]

Photoshop Class: Scanned line drawing to finished colored illustration

I bet you guys thought I’d forgotten how to draw, huh? I must admit, art has been on the back burner these days… but I volunteered to do a little illustration for a neighbor’s baby shower. And, since you like our last ‘Photoshop Class’, I thought you guys might like a little peek into how I colored it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Sewing with a 5 year old- Sweater Snake 2.0

I just had to share this with you guys.  Way back in 2007 (near the start of Dabbled, actually!) I made a sweater snake for The Boy.  Now it was an early project, and in retrospect I probably could have done better in my choice of materials — or maybe it’s the fact that it’s lived for the past 4 years with a little boy — but was getting holes in it. … [ KEEP READING ]