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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is ready for a great 2011 to start tomorrow….
I’m cooking up my Black Eyed Peas right now! And in case you weren’t around a few years ago when I posted it, be sure to save those little champagne cages around the corks tonight. You can make really cute tiny chairs with them! [ KEEP READING ]

Cute edible cookie gift tags… and an icing tutorial

Wisdom of the Moon has these adorable gift tags made out of cookies– a kid friendly decorating project that looks as much fun to make as to give! And she has some great tips on how to ice cookies too…I also love that when she had a homemade cookie failure, she iced storebought cookies–the decorating is the most fun of all.   … [ KEEP READING ]

Santa Raincheck Certificate (free downloadable)

So, is that perfect gift you ordered not going to make it in time?  Or was the store out of stock?  Or maybe you’re making something homemade and it isn’t quite done yet?  There’s hope! Here’s a free downloadable “Santa Raincheck” which you can print out and give!  Hope you like it… Download it here: Santa Raincheck pdf Download (8×10) and print it on fancy parchment paper for best effect… Brush Credit: christmas photoshop brushes from MediaSlap via Brushking

Christmas Cookies and Sweets Ideas

My kid is out of school, and so I think it’s time to make some last minute Christmas cookies… Here are a few cool ideas for xmas treats to make, eat, and/or give! [ KEEP READING ]

The Ghost of Xmas Past: Some Crafty Ideas

Christmas crafts for making, using, and giving: tutorials
Are the kids out of school next week and you need something to keep them occupied?  Or do you just need to get your holiday creativity on? Here are some past articles you might want to check out… Make a TreeSkirt from a Tablecloth (keep an eye out for a good one at the after Christmas Sales this year!) Make  Resin Christmas Star ornaments with this great tutorial from Kerry.… [ KEEP READING ]

Tips for throwing a White Elephant holiday party

I’ve been a slacker about the holidays this year, and never got around to planning a christmas party. We usually do a White Elephant Gift Exchange with our friends, and it’s a lot of fun. This year, I think I’m just going to do the party in January, when everyone’s back from the holidays and might actually have a few white elephants they’d like to get rid of!… [ KEEP READING ]