Monthly Archives: February 2011

Super Punch Tarot Show

Super Punch Tarot Show
The show for the Super Punch Tarot cards is coming up – and I’m excited to have a piece in it! The Super Punch Tarot
On exhibit: March 5 – April 23, 2011 If you’re in South Florida, be sure to stop by and check it out! This is the piece that I have in the show Curated by Super Punch‘s John Struan!… [ KEEP READING ]

Spring Paper Daffodils from Bitter Betty

It’s spring.. well, it may be still winter/february technically, but i’m sitting in my front yard in a sundress with a glass of wine typing this, so in my book, that’s spring. So i ran across this lovely tutorial on how to make paper versions of pretty spring flowers at Bitter Betty, and thought ‘how cool!’ … so here it is, my pretties….… [ KEEP READING ]

Sketch Day – Knight and Dragon

Today’s ‘really, dot still does draw’ sketch… a knight and his foe. I think the tiny dragon is so cute. :)

Recycled Plastic Earrings

I spotted these on Thing-a-day and I love these earrings, made from recycled plastic, by Adriana.
Check out her other cute jewelry on her blog..

2 Waiting Robots

I love the personalities… almost like one is the reverse of the other! I decided to do thing-a-day this month, and I’ve already missed a day and it’s only day 4. I’ll do a makeup day for day 2 at some point. So this is my thing-a-day, and also my illustration friday, the first one I’ve managed to do this year.… [ KEEP READING ]

Octopus Baby Shower Cookies

For a friend’s baby shower, we did an octopus theme (the mom was having twins, so the theme was “she’s going to need 8 arms!” These cookies match the invitation. Here are the cookies I made as shower favors.  They weren’t overly difficult, but a tad time consuming. I’ll post the recipe in a later post if anyone is interested, but basically it’s a non-leavened sugar cookie, covered with royal icing. … [ KEEP READING ]