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Torn Page Tutorial Part 2: Put a cool graphic on your 404 page (WordPress).

The code In part 1 we created a cool graphic to put on your 404 page.  (Part 1: Photoshop tutorial to make a “torn out” image) Now, you need to integrate it into your 404 page, which is the page that comes up when a page is not found on the website.… [ KEEP READING ]

Tutorial: Make a “torn” 404 page for your website. (part 1: photoshop)

The other day I announced that i had a new 404 Page Not Found page for Dabbled. And it’s quite cute if i do say so myself. Just type some gibberish after in your address bar and you’ll see it. Or just click this: So several people have asked how to do something like this themselves.… [ KEEP READING ]

Sushi-themed Baby Shower Gift

Sushi-themed Baby Shower Gift
Loving this from @dollarcraft a Sushi-themed Baby Shower Gift!
Faux food gifts are a fun idea that’s been floating around out there for a while. You’ve probably seen diaper cakes or sock cupcakes, but here’s a new twist! Jolene from Creative Dollar used an assortment of baby essentials to create “sushi”, which she presented all wrapped up on a plate.

Loving these Star Wars plushies…

Loving these Star Wars plushies...
Check out the cute and cuddly Yodas and Boba Fetts on display over at Superpunch! Here is one set, and there are a bunch more at the link.
these are by Deadly Sweet Plushes

Re-design update: a new 404 page

Re-design update: a new 404 page
As part of the changes I’m working on to, I decided to create a fun 404 page (you know, the Page Not Found thing you get with a bad link). The new background is watercolor paper, so I created an effect of the paper being torn to see what was underneath–and of course some cute robots peeking through.… [ KEEP READING ]

Excuse the Progress! Making changes around here…

Excuse the Progress! Making changes around here...
Since I’m a web designer, it’s pretty sad that I haven’t kept up my own blog up as nice as some of the ones I work on! I’ve been meaning to clean up the look of Dabbled for a while now, and I’m finally getting around to making some changes to the look and feel.… [ KEEP READING ]