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From Snow Globes to Card Art: 7 Simple DIY Holiday Decor Ideas

(thanks Jessica for this lovely guest post! -ed) Whether we like it or not, the colder months are officially upon us and the holidays are just around the corner.  Using items you already have around, transforming your home into a warm and welcoming place is easier than you ever imagined. These quick and simple tips for do-it-yourself decorations will have you sitting back and relaxing with a hot cup of cocoa in no time at all!… [ KEEP READING ]

DIY Cupcake Ornament tutorial (+ more ornament links!)

DIY Cupcake Ornament tutorial (+ more ornament links!)
Check out this oh so cute Cupcake Ornament tutorial by Diana Evans… love it! And the tutorial itself is just plain adorable… all illustrated with Diana’s adorable drawings. In fact, I think this tutorial would make a lovely “Do it yourself” kit for Xmas presents. Buy the supplies, print the tutorial, and package it all up nicely for someone who’d love a DIY craft gift!… [ KEEP READING ]

My fave Thanksgiving dish: Sweet Potato Casserole

My fave Thanksgiving dish: Sweet Potato Casserole
Wow, it’s already thanksgiving week?  Where is the year going?  In any case, one of my favorite things about this time of year is the food, and my favorite holiday casserole is this one!  It’s simple to make, not too sweet, and always a crowd favorite.  I wrote up an extensive step by step how to last year at Foodwhirl, so I’m not going to go through it all again — just go read it there : Dot’s Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe.… [ KEEP READING ]

Hassle-Free Handmade Holidays

Please welcome Dabbled’s special guest today, Rachel from the fabulous inspiration website One Pretty Thing!! Hassle-Free Handmade Holidays By Rachel Klein of One Pretty Thing If you’re anything like me you think the same thing every year. “This year I’m going to make all my own gifts/bake the desserts from scratch/grow all the decorations myself!… [ KEEP READING ]

Planning ahead for Holiday Cookie/Candy Baking

Here’s a few cookie ideas that I’ve posted and linked to in the past, that I thought were worth a repeat! Start planning ahead now… many cookie recipes can be made ahead and frozen, which makes things easier when the season gets more hectic. Plus, that leftover halloween candy you’ve been trying to get rid of is great for replacing chocolate chips in your fave chocolate chip cookie recipe!… [ KEEP READING ]

Nifty pendants from Toilet Paper Rolls? Cool!

Nifty pendants from Toilet Paper Rolls?  Cool!
Meg over at MegaCrafty has these fun pendants, and you’d never guess they are made from toilet paper and paper towel rolls! Go check it out: