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Science Fun with Kids: Oil & Water Fireworks

Fireworks in Oil science project -
So my 7 yr old came home the other day from camp and was like “Mom, we’ve got to go do this experiment, it’s so cool!” And it WAS pretty darn cool, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! These are his instructions, and he did the experiment and showed it to me: You’ll need 3 jars.  … [ KEEP READING ]

“Tie Dye” Nails done by a total amateur

how to paint your nails in a funky tie dye way
I must admit that I’m not a nail person, generally.  I keep my fingernails natural and short, because I tend to be rough on them, between projects, typing, and just general life.  But, as I have recently discovered by discovering Pinterest, apparently interesting nail polish is very hip right now, and I figured why not try something wild.  … [ KEEP READING ]

New Random Post Photo Archive! (and how to build it)

So I was playing around with how to display archives of all the posts from the past 5 years or so here on Dabbled, and came up with this idea:  It’s a photo based archive that pulls a random selection of posts from a bunch of project related categories.  Just reload to see a different selection!  … [ KEEP READING ]

More cool Pinterest Tricks: Adding a feed of things pinned from your website

The other day I talked about how to embed pins from one of your Pin Boards on Pinterest in a post.  So this got me thinking… what other cool WordPress tricks can we do?  (Yes, this is another post for you bloggers out there!)
This is just an image – the actual widget is over in the sidebar –>
I love go out to look and see what items on Dabbled people are pinning on Pinterest.  … [ KEEP READING ]

Summer Inspirations (and how to embed a Pinterest board on your wordpress blog)

How to Embed a Pinterest Pin Board in Wordpress Blog Post
I was playing around with Pinterest today (note the neat ‘Pin It’ stuff to make it easy to pin Dabbled stuff!) because I was thinking it could be cool to use Pinterest as a way to create inspiration link posts (like I used to do all the time when I had more time to devote to surfing my feed reader).  … [ KEEP READING ]

A Lazy Weekend – and phone photo photoshopping.

A Lazy Weekend - and phone photo photoshopping.
I realize I have been somewhat remiss in just plain old posting regularly this summer, and I’ll try to do better… :) We’ve had a lovely, lazy weekend in the 100+ degree weather, mostly staying inside except for the trek out to the cheapy sushi place (The Boy’s pick) on friday, with a wandering through Target afterwards.… [ KEEP READING ]