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April Fools Food!

April Fools Food!
Dinner on April Fools Day (can you believe it’s almost April 1st?) calls for making something unusual, right?  Maybe a bit tricksy.   Here are a few ideas, both sweet and savory, with an April Fool’s Day twist. Nothing is what it seems…
Top: Sushi? – I made this last year for an April Fool party, and again at halloween (instructions)
Middle: A cupcake? [ KEEP READING ]

Easter Idea Roundup

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs
Cake Eggs!
Roundup: Easter Sweets
Easter Egg Coloring Ideas
Make your Own Peeps!
The Chicken Egg Family
Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial
Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha
More great egg ideas at Wisdom of the Moon
Click on the photo above for Cool Easter ideas from the past–
And here are some more resources:

Pretty boiled eggs (so you can tell them apart from the raw ones in the fridge!)

boil eggs with onion skins for a pretty brown egg color
I hesitate to publish this right before Easter, as it’s really a year round egg hack, not an easter egg hack, but I suppose it is extra useful at Easter, where you might want some pretty brown eggs. If you’re looking for fancier Easter egg ideas, you can find some here, here, .. [ KEEP READING ]

So Long spammers, and Goodbye to (some) comments

So Long spammers, and Goodbye to (some) comments
Hello all… Dot here. Yes, I still love you guys, but the eternal war with spammers has brought me to a crossroads. Dear spammers: No, none of my readers want to buy your essay, really–And the comments have always be ‘no-follow’, so Google doesn’t even notice your link. But telling them this has been in vain, so I’ve made the decision to get rid of WordPress comments, and have only Facebook comments.… [ KEEP READING ]

How to make an adorable Needle Felted Alien

Make a Needle Felted Alien photo
We’re always looking for cute (and maybe a little silly or geeky) crafts here on Dabbled, so when Lark Crafts offered a tutorial to share with you guys from their new book Wee Felt Worlds, I said, “Yes, Please!” The book has a bunch of really cute creatures and scenes you can create with needle felting – everything from a silly science lab, to a sweet shop, to a pirate island… with easy to follow instructions.  … [ KEEP READING ]