Black Heart Anti Valentines Day Contest Roundup!

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We had some great entries for the contest, and it’s *so* hard to pick the winners! Here are some of my favorites, but all the entries were great! Thanks for entering, and thanks for reading… you guys are awesome!

This was alot of fun, and I hope it provided a cool challenge for everyone. I’ll be doing these every few months, so check back in for the next one. And I’m up for suggestions of themes, so feel free to post some! [Early warning – I’m thinking the next theme will be “April Fool”.]

So without further ado..
The winners are….
craftycarolinagirl for her delightfully devious cup ‘o tea!

Craftyminx does nifty creative conversation hearts, and even provides a ‘how-to’ on her blog!

The very honorable mentions – narrowed down to six very different styles – it was hard to pick, so please check out everyone else who linked in the original thread – neat stuff!:

littlerobot’s Cut Card

BReid’s Heart Pillow – Love the literal interpretation!

aurora sauciuc sent this clever little card

Peggradyart has some fun Mae West towels!

Samantha had multiple cool v-day cards

Jennifer had a cool little black hearted knitted ring, reversible too for those a little more fickle.

Craftyminx and craftycarolinagirl, please email me at dot at dabbled dot org to claim your prizes!

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  • craftycarolinagirl [] :

    Yeah!!! Thanks so much for picking my poisoned tea and for hosting this contest. Everyone came up with so many great and different ideas.

    I can’t wait too see what the next contest brings.

  • Vhrsti [] :

    Very nice blog!!!

  • Samantha [] :

    glad I made the list. What a fun contest! Nice entries!

  • Breid [] :

    Woo Hoo! Thanks for putting me on the list!

    Fabulous blog too!

  • AtomiK Kitten [] :

    Yay crafty minx!

  • aurora [] :

    OOOO ! My name on the final list ! Thank you ! And congrats to all the winners ! I said about it on my blog and put a link to yours !

  • mutuelle [] :

    thank you for this blog

  • Anonymous [] :

    thank you for this blog