Car Launcher Video, Kids’ Lunches, and more

Car Launcher… In Action

Just had a odd experience where someone left a comment on one of my Instructables accusing me of stealing the idea for my Hot Wheels Car Launcher.  At first I was like ‘dude, I’m sure other people have thought of similar things in the vast internets’, then I googled and found what he was talking about.   The car launcher in the video was exactly like mine.   But the video was by Make Magazine, who had published my How To on the Car Launcher last December (the Kids Issue).  So the guy was basically accusing me of ripping off my own design.  So no worries.  But I had totally missed the video — it was really cool to see someone else building my design, and showing it off to the world!  So I figured I’d link to it here:  How to Make (DotatDabbled’s) Hot Wheels Car Launcher video.

The “What to pack in the lunch box” Dilemma

In August over at Foodwhirl we’re going to be talking about what to pack your kids for lunch.  And apparently, according to the feedback I’ve gotten back,  everyone wants ideas! So let’s start an idea exchange… Do you have a go-to lunch idea for sending with the kids that holds up until lunchtime, is liked by the kids, and isn’t a PB&J?   Or just some good tips?  On Facebook one of the commenters was looking for ways to keep a lunch warm (like a quesadilla) without using a thermos.  Leave a comment (or email) and I’ll compile all the ones I get for a post on Foodwhirl.

Also, Foodwhirl is looking for some guest posters to talk about handling the lunch dilemma–or good posts on the subject to link to..- check here for details on participating!

Admire my mad design skills

I finished a new website, by the way (That web design thing that’s been keeping me super busy this summer and cutting into the quality time I can spend with you guys! ).  It’s a super simple one, but I think it looks lovely–and is a good example of simple doesn’t equal boring…. So if you need house cleaning in Atlanta, click on through!