St Patrick’s Day Printable: Origami ‘Cootie Catcher’

St Patrick's Day Printable: Origami Fortune Teller (Cootie Catcher)
Originally published 3/15/2013 – Republished 3/15/2016 My FedEx Out of Office blog post is up for March, and I almost forgot to share it with you guys before St. Patrick’s Day!   This is a fun printable (with Dot artwork, naturally!) that your kids can fold up and have fun sharing with their friends. You remember these from grade school, right?  You would make them out of a piece of notebook paper, then play with them telling fortunes until they were confiscated by a mean teacher!  We always just called them fortune tellers, but according to the internet, they are also known as Cootie Catchers.… [ KEEP READING ]

The Skylanders Party Highlights: The Invitation! (free printable)

Kaos Skylanders Party Invitation (printable)
  Continuing the highlights from yesterday’s Skylander’s Cake, I just realized I never posted the invitation to the Skylanders Party.  I wanted to do something a little different, and most of the invites I’d seen in my travels around the web were just repurposed graphics of a selections of popular skylanders.  And while cute, I figured why not give the Bad Guy a starring role in the invitations?  So here is Kaos, inviting the Skylanders to come to a party.  And really, he promises it’s not a trap. So, if you’d like to use this yourself, here’s a free download, because Dot is just all kinds of sweet that way!  … [ KEEP READING ]

Another Halloween Creepy Decor Tutorial & Printables: Ghost Portraits

For my guest post on Fed Ex’s Out of Office blog this month, I originally was going to do yesterday’s Creepy Portrait tutorial.  But, apparently that was a little tooooo creepy for them, so I did another idea:  Creepy Ghost Photos. It’s a little simpler too, if you’re just starting with your photoshop skills, it’s a great one to start with.  The principle is the same, take old vintage photos and in this case, combine two to make one creepy photo which contains a ghost! Head over to Fed Ex Office blog to see all the details on how to make them yourself, or if you don’t have time or inclination to make them yourself, you can download the sample printable photos!… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Decor: How to make Super Creepy Photos (Photoshop Tutorial & Printables)

turn vintage photos into creepy halloween wall art
Update: Related technique and more downloads: Ghost Portraits! Did you know Great Aunt Gertrude was a zombie?  Or Ancient Uncle Elrod was a tad undead?  Unfortunately for my Halloween décor, I don’t really have ghouls in the family.  But we can fake it with a little photo manipulation. These creepy portraits will look great hung on a wall, or in small frames on your serving table, at any scary Halloween party.  You can either design your own, using the instructions provided here, or you can download the set provided here.  Then just have them printed in whatever size to fit your frames, at your local print shop on on your home computer.… [ KEEP READING ]

A Lazy Weekend – and phone photo photoshopping.

A Lazy Weekend - and phone photo photoshopping.
I realize I have been somewhat remiss in just plain old posting regularly this summer, and I’ll try to do better… :) We’ve had a lovely, lazy weekend in the 100+ degree weather, mostly staying inside except for the trek out to the cheapy sushi place (The Boy’s pick) on friday, with a wandering through Target afterwards. I snapped this pic on the grate – very Marilyn!- with my phone’s facebook app, so the quality was mediocre. I gussied it up a bit in photoshop, giving it a bit of a trendy instagram look. [I’ve been Instagramming (I’m dotdorsner) on my phone quite a bit and I must admit it is a bit addictive.… [ KEEP READING ]

Dr. Who Birthday Party Invitation (downloadable template, too!)

Dr. Who dalek birthday party invitation
For The Boy’s 7th birthday party, we’re doing a Dr. Who theme… My little anglophile is a big fan of the recent version of the series.  So I needed to design an invitation.  I ran out of time to do printed invites, so this is just going out by email, with a little extra explanatory text.  The “Celebrating” Dalek is quite cute, but I couldn’t resist adding the Tardis Blue envelope from the Impossible Astronaut episode, as well. [For those who asked, yes the Dr. Who cake will be coming next week, I’ll be doing a how-to, like the Angry Birds cupcakes, Dragon Cake,  Perry the Platypus Cake, and Clone Trooper cupcakes of years past.] I got the coordinates of the location from Google Maps (using these instructions) – but to avoid stalkers, I did change the coordinates in this image!… [ KEEP READING ]